Steamed rice is no longer nutritious than cooking rice

Everyone knows that green vegetables should be fried quickly to preserve vitamins. The soup should not be more than one and a half hours to avoid nutrient loss.

  Similarly, choosing the method of making rice can also help you retain the vitamin B1 and other nutrients in the “precious” rice.

  People usually use rice to cook or steam, and steamed rice is divided into bowls of steamed rice and steamed rice.

So, which method can better preserve vitamins?

Cooking rice is to add rice to clear water, first boil it with high heat, then boil it with warm fire.

At this time, the water has a dissolution effect, so there are quite a lot of doping substances in the rice soup, such as vitamin B1, vitamin C and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

However, due to the long cooking time, the vitamin B1 in the degraded water will partially escape through the increase of water temperature and evaporation of water, which leads to the loss of nutrients in the rice.

  Steamed rice can provide double insurance for nutrients.

Using a bowl with a lid and steaming with a water pot can ensure that the water vapor in the pot is only “circling” around the bowl, and it is impossible to take away the nutrients in the bowl. This is an insurance.

Or cook the rice until it is half-cooked, then remove the steamed water and then drink the rice soup alone.

This rice soup is not heated for a long time, and more nutritious preservation is also an insurance.

But if you abandon the rice soup and not drink it (fishing), it is a big waste.

  In addition, the white rice tastes monotonous, we do not hinder the addition of “patterns” inside, to create a special flavor of rice.

Such as the fragrant green tea rice, both color and aroma are good, and have the effect of greasy, cleansing, food and prevent diseases; add a few chopped hawthorn, taste both fragrant, and prevent nutrients from being destroyed; add some vinegarRice can be easily stored and smashed, and the rice is more fragrant; half-baked raw rice can be added with a few drops of white wine, and then steamed for a while with simmer, can be eaten; if added peas, carrots and corn, it is colorful and attractive.It also provides vitamins and antioxidants.