Smile for ten years, because laughter can prevent disease and cure health and longevity

“Laughter, ten years less.”

Don’t think that this is an exaggeration of art, but it is very scientific.

Because laughter can prevent disease and cure diseases, making people healthy and longevity.

  Medical research shows that laughter is first of all a kind of fitness exercise: it can promote lung expansion, promote respiratory movement, and can clear the waste of the respiratory tract; when the laughter, the abdominal muscles of the person relax, the visceral smooth muscle also accelerates, and the movement of the diaphragm muscle increases.It promotes digestive gland secretion and intestinal peristalsis, and can also increase appetite and digestion and absorption; laughter can also regulate nervous system function, good mentality is good spirit, can enhance immunity, and is good for sleep.

The study has not found that people who are not laughing are prone to worry and depression. If they are unhealthy, they are prone to mental disorders, autonomic disorders, endocrine dysfunction, and aging.

  There are already examples of laughing and treating diseases in foreign countries: in a patient with bone pain in the United States, the drug is called incompetent, and he used “Laughter Therapy” to read many classic comedy movies. He forgot the pain in laughter and controlled it after one month.The condition; a patient with neurasthenia is cured by watching a burlesque.

  I have to laugh all the time for health.

If you can’t laugh, you can watch more comedy (small products) and listen to comics, or watch more anime films, comics, and laugh at yourself.