Male eating habits are also related to the health of future children.

For many years, I have been paying close attention to the relationship between growth and diet of pregnant women and fetuses. Men’s diets have never been the focus of people’s attention. Recently, a new research in the United States has shown that men’s diets are comparable to their own reproductive health.Contact, as the other half of the reproductive generation, the father’s diet is also crucial to the child’s future health.

  The researchers found that it is generally recommended that pregnant women supplement their diet with folic acid to prevent infants from developing congenital nervous system defects, which is equally important for men who are preparing to be fathers.

Studies have shown that folic acid levels in men are too low, leading to a decrease in semen concentration and a decrease in sperm motility.

In addition, folic acid can synthesize folate with other substances in the human body. If the male body lacks folate, it will increase the chance of chromosomal defects in the baby, and increase the risk of cancer when the baby grows up.

  Studies have also shown that men’s lack of vitamin C will damage their sperm count and quality, which means that smoking men’s reproductive ability is lower than ordinary people.

Studies have suggested that a large number of cigarettes can lead to decreased male sexual desire and even impotence.

In fact, in addition to smoking can cause penile artery stenosis, it may be related to the loss of vitamin C in the body caused by smoking.

  Therefore, experts suggest that in order to be born a healthy and intelligent child, men should eat more green leafy vegetables, fruits and whole grains when planning to be a father.

These foods have high levels of folic acid and vitamin C.

If you can’t get enough vitamins and folic acid from your food, take folic acid medicines and vitamins under the guidance of your doctor.

At the same time, it is best to smoke alcohol and tobacco, or you can do less and drink less.