Threats to mental health of the elderly

The elderly have more ways to go and experience more things. However, the psychology of the elderly is just as fragile as children. They can have a good old age, live a happy and carefree life, and why they still have psychological problems.What troubles are they bringing?

Psychologists point out that the mental health of the elderly is threatened by the following factors: death threat: life and death are the inevitable process of life, and for some young people, death seems to be a very distant thing, while the elderly are different.In the late years, the distance from death is getting closer and closer, and the fear of death is getting stronger and stronger.

  Role change: From the prime to the old, it is an important turning point in life, how the physical condition is, and the social role is easier.

Everyone is a social animal, and the psychological gap caused by the change of roles can easily cause psychological problems.

  Solitary situation: Loneliness is an important reason for the psychological problems of the elderly.

The psychology of the elderly will become somewhat child-like and extraordinarily sensitive. Unless it is particularly strong, it requires special care from others.

The reality of modern society is that young children are busy with work and often do not have time to accompany the elderly.

  Children’s issues: Many elderly people have worked hard for their children for a lifetime, and they can’t let go of their retreat.

Although their children have grown up to become a family, they always treat them as children, and they worry that they will not be the ones.

  Sickness and pain: There is also physical illness that cannot be ignored.

The elderly are inevitably suffering from some complications, and most of them are chronic diseases. Long-term illness and suffering easily make the mood irritating and irritating, sensitive and suspicious, and the hope of not curing for a long time will also make some elderly people lose their hope of life.

  Introverted personality: Of course, these are just some of the risk factors that affect mental health, but it is not that people will have psychological problems when they reach old age.

Experts pointed out that the occurrence of psychological disorders has a certain relationship with personal personality factors.

  The mental health of the elderly is more seriously threatened by the above factors. Therefore, the elderly should understand the truth of life and death, treat people and things, and do not worry about their own meaning of survival, not creating value, and their opinions.If you don’t wait for a trivial matter, you should focus on your happy old age.