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Chuanbei Autumn Pear Cream is a relatively common medicinal lotion, which is generally used to treat wind-heat cough. It can be used to relieve lung cough and relieve phlegm, etc. It is very effective for the conditioning of respiratory diseases, but not all cold coughs areIt can be done with Chuanbei Autumn Pear Cream.

Autumn pear cream is suitable for most foods, but it is not suitable for female friends with cold constitution, and it is not allowed to put in dry stool.

The efficacy and role of Qiuli cream Qiuli cream moisturizes the lungs and relieves cough, and stimulates the throat.

It is used for coughing and wheezing of yin deficiency and lung heat, thick sputum, stuffy chest, and dry mouth, dry throat, and irritability.

It is especially good for those who have chronic lung cough and Yin.

Autumn pear cream is mainly made of autumn pear (namely, pears or pears produced in autumn), and other medicines for cough, Shengjin, and lungs (such as chrysanthemum, fat sea, Chuanbei, Ophiopogon, Poria, Fritillaria, honeyEtc.) The ointment made from processing began in the Tang Dynasty and evolved from the “Qiu Pear Honey” contained in the book “The Herbal Medicine”.

Qiuli Pear Cream is fragrant, sweet and delicious. It is often used clinically to treat the thirst of lung heat caused by hot dry wounds, and it is dry and stuffy.

Autumn pear cream is a honey juice made from pears. Usually it looks dark in appearance, and it will be sweet and sweet when eaten alone.

Therefore, when eating autumn pear cream, you should add water to it. About 2 tablespoons of autumn pear cream are enough for one cup of water.

As we all know, pears are cool fruits, so QiuLi cream also has some health benefits of pears. Drinking it can clear the fire and moisturize the lungs. It can alleviate lung cough and dry throat.

It is more suitable for all kinds of people, as long as they are replaced with boiling water when drinking.

Autumn pear cream is suitable for anyone to drink Autumn pear cream is suitable for everyone.

Qiuli pear cream is a medicated diet drink made from the compatibility of Qiuli and expectorant Chinese medicine. The “Qiuli Honey Cream” contained in “The Herbal Medicine” is a historical record, and it is said that it began in the Tang Dynasty.

It is said that Tang Wuzong Li Yan was sick, his mouth was dry all day long, his heart was hot and short of breath, and he had no effect after taking hundreds of drugs.Honey and honey paste made with various Chinese herbal medicines cured the emperor’s illness. From then on, the priest’s recipe became a palace secret recipe until the Qing Dynasty flowed into the people.

The climate is dry in autumn and winter, and many people often have cough and uncomfortable throat.

Therefore, putting a bottle of autumn pear cream on the desk has become a habit of too many people.

But autumn pear cream is not suitable for everyone, let alone drink.

Because the main raw material of Qiuli Pear Cream is cold, and the medicines for nourishing yin and Shengjin used in Qiuli Pear Cream are also cold, so those with weak spleen and stomach, cold hands and feet, and having diarrhea should not eat QiuliIn order to prevent the symptoms of deficiency colds from getting worse, it is easier to have diarrhea, even to get angry, and people with dry stools should not drink as drinks.

Some people think that the thicker the Qiuli cream, the better, and the best way to overcome it is the fact that Qiuli cream has a lot of sugar and high osmotic pressure. Direct replacement will irritate the mouth and throat mucosa.

The correct method is to take one or two spoons and hydrate them with warm water.

How to make autumn pear cream Ingredients: pear, sugar, ginger ginger Production steps: 1. Wash and peel the autumn pear, wipe out the pear and pear juice with a wiper; 2. Put the pear and pear juice in a casserole, add rock sugar3. Add old ginger shreds; 4. Add Luo Hanguo with smashed petals; 5. Cook under low heat and simmer for 30 minutes; 6. Pour out gauze or sieve to filter out pear syrup, ginger shreds and Luo Han Guo.7, the filtered juice is poured back into the pot, open the mouth and continue to boil over low heat; 8, cook until the juice in the pot begins to thicken, continue to stir with a wooden shovel until the juice becomes thick and thick, stickyThe feeling of sticking can turn off the fire; 9. Leave the fire to dry and warm, add honey and stir well, and store in a sealed container.

When drinking, take a spoonful of warm water and cash in immediately.