How to eat six healthy taboos for healthy eating

Fruits are rich in nutrients, and these nutrients are very suitable for human body absorption, so it is good for our body to eat fruits often, but while eating fruits, some precautions must be vigilant. rotten fruits can not be eaten: fruit storageAfter a long time, it is easy to degenerate and rot locally. Sometimes we feel that it is rotten to be eaten with a knife. In fact, after the fruit is rotted, the whole fruit cannot be eaten. Because the fruit will change after the mold, the bacteria will slowly penetrate.Spread to every corner of the fruit, the rotten fruit also contains toxic nitrite, so these harmful substances will damage our physical health.

  Can not eat fruit immediately after a meal: eating fruit after a meal will affect digestion, leading to inflation, constipation, etc., so do not eat fruit within 1 hour after eating.

  It can be eaten with simple rinsing: many fruits are sprayed to pesticides, pesticides, biocides, etc. during the growth stage, so a large amount of toxic chemical residues are attached to the surface of the fruit. It must be strictly cleaned, soaked in salt as much as possible, rinsed in water.Do not wash with detergent.

  You can’t eat fruit on an empty stomach: Some people think that they are hungry. They should eat a fruit to satisfy their hunger. In fact, some fruits can not be eaten on an empty stomach. For example, oranges increase stomach acid and stimulate the gastric mucosa. The magnesium in banana plasma rises sharply, affecting cardiovascular health.Wait, so don’t eat fruit before and after meals, it is best to eat it 1 hour after a meal.

  Do not overeat this: the fruit is delicious, but it should be eaten in moderation.

If you use a lot of oranges, you will find that the skin of the palms is yellow. In fact, no matter which kind of fruit is used excessively, the human body can’t absorb it. In the end, it will cause a burden on the stomach. If you encounter too sweet and sour fruit, it will stimulate the stomach.

  After eating fruit, it doesn’t swear: Most people don’t have the habit of gargle after eating fruits. In fact, most of the fruits are sour or sweet. If they don’t simmer, the residue will ferment in the mouth and form acid substances after fermentation.tooth.