Some excitement, after all, will dissipate people who are not recognized by the heart, so don’t have to say too much

Some excitement, after all, will dissipate people who are not recognized by the heart, so don’t have to say too much

First, people who know how to laugh at themselves are extremely intelligent people.

He protects himself by demeaning himself.

In fact, no one really wants to admit that he is not as good as others, so he has a kind of belly black, is to use all kinds of extreme praise to build an enemy for one person.

The success of being a man is not how you praise others when you are there.

Even if you leave, can someone still think of you.

Second, the wise and the fool are harmless. The most dangerous thing is wisdom and ignorance.

Third, silence is a language for you. It tells the thousands in your heart.

Feeling, the heart is chatting, it is communicating a little bit about you and me.

Submerged in the worldly waves, I was in front of a beautiful encounter.

With an unfulfilled mission, I am imagining your charming smile.

Fourth, the language is so weak when expressing love, but it is so sharp when expressing hurt.

Five, there is always a jealousy between people; between the heart and the heart, there will always be love.

Sixth, I hope that we will not take all others’ good for us as a matter of course, because contentment will be closer to happiness.

Seven, it is not ruthless, nor is it a blessing. It is just that we will encounter many people in our lifetime. How many of them can really stop and stop?

Life is a ridiculous ferry, and even myself is a passenger.

Eight, suffering people to grow up is an opportunity for you to progress, a challenge.

Don’t be afraid of painful things, it has another positive effect.

Nine, there is no calm day in life, only a calm mind.

Ten, right or wrong, sometimes just an angle issue.

Eleven, the highest realm of happiness, but with an old man, guarding the old things of a house, and counting a few years old.

Twelve, I will miss my childhood, I don’t know what it is, I don’t have to blame it, I won’t break my heart, I don’t know how to be human.

Thirteen, I hope that you will learn to play on the spot as soon as possible. May you get used to things that are wrong. After all, not everyone is as easy to be true as you are.

Fourteen, the joy of the past, whispering in the depths of my heart.

How sad, buried the face of joy.

Fifteen, some people have never returned since they left, so waiting and hesitation are the most ruthless killers in the world.

Sixteen, the opposite of love is not hate, it is tired.

The opposite of life is not death, but the life of others.

Seventeen, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a sense of security for you, you must learn to give yourself strength.

Reading, listening to songs, running, anything you like.

Seriously enrich yourself, settle down on positive and negative emotions, and it is not indifferent to meet with you. It is to ensure that you can support yourself in any situation.

Eighteen, how much disappointment you have to accumulate, will not be remembered; how many times will you turn thick into love, will not turn back frequently?

Nineteen, we sent photos to the state, not to tell who, what I ate, what I did, who I was with, and not who I want to see.

Even one day, I am really old. When I have a stool and have nothing to do with the sun, I can take a look at my own running diary and recall the little bit of that year with my friends.The face of youth. proves that the world I have been here, and that it is real and wonderful.

Twenty, put your tears away, cry to go home and cry.

.I have come to this day, I have not shed tears in front of the public, tears are not good, we need to be sincere, whether it is a musician or an artist.
Twenty-one, the handkerchief tried not to hurt the soul, the eyelashes could not hold the tears in the corners of the eyes.
Twenty-two, accompanied by excitement and attention, step by step, it is better to be a natural person in a crowd, not unassuming, not illusory, always insist on retreating.

Have a heart and concentrate on doing one thing.

Twenty-three, love is like a flashback. After reading the ending, I went to Linyi.

Watching you fill the loneliness of the youthful volume, every time you read it, you don’t want to live.

You haven’t left anything, but I have some squandering thoughts.

Twenty-four, believe in yourself, you can break into a butterfly.

Twenty-five, the more you grow up, the more you know, the coming will come, the time goes by faster and faster, every year is shorter than the previous year.

I used to listen to the trivial things that the elders discussed in the sky, thinking that I could never meet the job of falling in love and marrying a child. Suddenly one day I found that I had been wrapped up and wrapped forward, overwhelming, and then found out, oh, thisIt’s the day, no one can escape.

Twenty-six, I have done a lot of stupid things these years.

The most stupid thing is to generate a lot of arrogance from your incompetence and desire, and hurt the closest people around you.

Twenty-seven, whether or not you have tried to retain, those who are destined to stay can not stay, do not go destined to accompany you for a lifetime.

Twenty-eight, outside the window, cold and cut, on the long pavilion night.

The shower is resting at the beginning, and the heart is getting colder.

Looking at the accumulation of yellow flowers.

Derogatory, who is picking up now?

Keeping the window, how can you get black alone.

A stun is a tingling tingling.

Suddenly for a moment, I was afraid of death.

Because my life is in the flower season, how can I fall down?

Twenty-nine, what is the real powerhouse?

It is to end the pressure and sorrow that you have suffered here and will not pass it on.

Thirty, tell yourself the truth of living, no matter how others see it, even the whole world denies itself.

And I believe in myself.

Tell yourself that you have to be happy, you don’t have to think about whether someone cares about me, and you can be wonderful.

When you say sadness to yourself, you can cry very embarrassed, but after the tears drain, you have to look up and smile very beautifully.

Thirty-one, in fact, no one wants to lose their temper, but the temper is just to see how much space the other party will give back.

We all have such a habit of arguing when we are in conflict, and we like to ignore it.

Those who know you will put down the shelf for you, people who don’t understand you, and maintain a stalemate. Only you are disappointed.

Thirty-two, so I closed my language, closed my heart, deep sorrow is something that even tears can’t take.

Thirty-three, one person, I am not afraid, I am afraid that when I am used to one person, someone will disrupt everything about me.

Thirty-four, accustomed to accept, forget the gratitude.

Thirty-five, if it is destined to be a passenger, why bother to disturb a light.

Thirty-six, people are perfect again, the spirit also needs to know, and the heart is strong again.

Emotions also need comfort; if anyone can accompany them.

It is a great satisfaction; if there is a heart, it is the best heart.

Thirty-seven, don’t talk too much.

Some excitement will eventually dissipate.

If you are not a person who is recognized by your heart, you don’t have to say too much.

Thirty-eight, four seasons of wind and rain, cold and warm turns, Jiangnan smoke, rain and mist.
The jade bracelet carved in time is beautiful and beautiful. If it slips between the fingers, it will be scattered and scattered.
Thirty-nine, you have to believe that the world is so big. If someone dismisses your love, then someone will surely carefully collect your love.

Does the car also have formaldehyde?

Five major pollutants in the car

Does the car also have formaldehyde?
Five major pollutants in the car

The owners of tens of millions of vehicles nationwide will have the right to know the air quality inside the car. It is understood that the relevant departments have conducted a survey on the environmental pollution inside the car.
The test results were shocking: only 6. of the 1,175 cars tested.
18% of the standards, including some internationally renowned brands.
  Formaldehyde Appearance: It is a colorless, highly irritating gas.
Soluble in water, alcohol and ether.
Formaldehyde is gaseous at normal temperature and usually appears as an aqueous solution.
The urea-formaldehyde resin inevitably leaves a part of free formaldehyde to be emitted outward during the rubberizing process.
  Crime: Excessive formaldehyde can cause dizziness, fatigue, and discomfort in the throat.
  Hideout: Paints made of formaldehyde as preservatives and chemical fiber carpets are mostly used for interior decoration.
  Benzene Appearance: colorless and transparent, flammable liquid.
86% benzene is used in the manufacture of styrene, phenol, cyclohexane and other organics.
  Crime: Vapor can be absorbed through the respiratory tract, liquid is absorbed through the digestive tract, and the skin can absorb a small amount.
In an environment with a high concentration of benzene, leukemia can be caused.
  Hideout: Mainly used in the manufacture of detergents, insecticides and paint removers.
Benzene can be used as a component of gasoline with a content of <2%.   Toluene/xylene Appearance: Toluene, a colorless, refractive, volatile liquid with a odor like benzene. Used in the production of benzene, cresol, benzoic acid, benzaldehyde, mixed dinitrotoluene, o-toluene, sulfonamide and the like. Xylene is a colorless transparent liquid with an aromatic odor, flammable and toxic. Used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.   Crime: It can be absorbed through the respiratory tract and digestive tract and absorbed through the skin. Inhalation of higher concentrations of vapor after dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, weakness of the limbs, confusion, gait, severe cases of convulsions, convulsions or coma; accompanied by eye and upper respiratory tract irritation, can appear conjunctiva and pharynxThe department is congested.   Pneumonia, pulmonary edema, pulmonary hemorrhage and anesthesia may occur after direct inhalation of fluid. Excessive toluene/xylene can cause anemia and reproductive function, leading to congenital defects in the fetus.   Hideout: The above intermediates are raw materials for synthetic fibers, drugs, dyes, pesticides, explosives, etc. In addition, it can be used as a gasoline additive and a solvent for various uses.   TVOC Appearance: Volatile Organic Compound TVOC is a general term for compounds that are composed of one or more carbon atoms and are easily evaporated at room temperature and normal atmospheric pressure. They are colorless gases present in indoor environments. The composition of TVOC is extremely complicated, and in addition to aldehydes, benzene, toluene, xylene, trichloroethylene, chloroform, naphthalene, diisocyanate and the like are common.   Crime: TVOC can cause imbalance of immune level, affect central nervous system function, dizziness, headache, lethargy, weakness, chest tightness and other symptoms, may also affect the digestive system, loss of appetite, nausea, etc., even in severe cases can damage the liver and hematopoiesisSystem, allergic reactions, etc.   Hideout: Mainly from various paints, adhesives and various man-made materials. TVOC can be odorous, exhibits toxicity, irritation, and some compounds are genotoxic.   Carbon monoxide Appearance: Pure product is a colorless, odorless, non-irritating gas.   Crime: long-term exposure to low concentrations of carbon monoxide has two effects on human health  (1) nervous system dizziness, headache, tinnitus, fatigue, sleep disorders, memory loss and other symptoms of cerebral weakness syndrome are more common, neurobehavioral testingAnomalies can be found. The above-mentioned symptoms of stubbornness often have multiple history of mild acute CO poisoning.   (2) Cardiovascular system  ECG may have abnormalities such as arrhythmia, ST segment decline, QT interval prolongation, or right bundle branch block. 在职业接触者COHb饱和度达到5%以上时,可以见到血清乳酸脱氢酶(LDH)、羟丁酸脱氢酶 (HBD)、肌酸磷酸激酶 (CPK)增高,这些酶活性的增高可能Associated with myocardial damage. In recent years, 63 patients with coronary artery atherosclerosis found that the level of COHb was 0.6% rose to 2% and 3. After 9%, the time of myocardial infarction and angina pectoris was advanced, and the tolerance to exercise was significantly reduced. These survey data, combined with animal studies, suggest that the cardiovascular system may be adversely affected by the long-term effects of low concentrations of CO.   Hideout: used in the chemical industry for the production of ammonia, formaldehyde, phosgene, and methanol.

Hair loss is very distressing, maybe it is caused by these reasons!

Hair loss is very distressing, maybe it is caused by these reasons!

When it comes to hair loss, many people’s minds are filled with a fat middle-aged man with a round belly. But in fact, hair loss is no longer a middle-aged man’s exclusive label. Many people have started a hair loss crisis at a young age.There are many reasons for hair loss. Maybe it is the six reasons why you usually have a mistake in hair loss. 1. Mental factors Excessive mental stress is a common cause of hair loss.

Excessive stress, coupled with weak psychological tolerance, is prone to hair loss (hair), hair loss (hair), hair loss (hair) and so on.

2, blood deficiency kidney deficiency Chinese medicine believes that hair loss is the cause of blood deficiency and kidney deficiency.

3, disease factors, brain varicella, herpes zoster virus, leprosy, tubercle bacilli, pallidum, protozoal infection, and various symptoms causing headaches leading to hair loss; anemia, liver disease, malnutrition, systemic lupus erythematosus, dry synthesisSigns, acanthosis nigricans, and febrile diseases such as enteric typhoid, pneumonia, meningitis, influenza, etc. can often lead to hair thinning; head trauma, spinal cord, medulla, midbrain and brain stem shift, can also cause hairFall off.

4, chemical factors tumor patients receiving anti-cancer drugs, or long-term use of certain chemicals such as commonly used gentamicin, methotrexate, trimethyl diketone, aspirin, indomethacin, contraceptives and other drugs, often cause hair loss.

5, endocrine disorders for women, postpartum, menopause, oral contraceptives, etc., in a certain period of time will lead to estrogen deficiency and hair loss; hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, pituitary dysfunction, hypoparathyroidism, adrenal tumors, the late stage of acromegaly, etc., resulting in hair replacement.

6, improper diet and a small number of metabolic disorders excessively like meat, intake of alcohol, excessive sugar or salt, protein deficiency, iron deficiency and zinc deficiency, excessive selenium, and some metabolic disorders caused by metabolic diseases are leading to obesitythe reason.

Easy to cause hair loss foods 1 Cereal food sweets will produce acidic substances in the body’s metabolism, which hinders hair growth.

The high heat energy generated by the decomposition of sugars increases the sweat glands, and the sebaceous glands are exuberantly excreted, which replaces the skin and is slightly easy to accumulate, so that the nutrient supply of hair follicles is easy to lose hair.

2 greasy food fat meat is implanted into animal feces, eating more easily makes micro-metabolic disorders, thickening of feces accumulated under the skin, sebaceous gland secretion is too strong, leading to sebum spillage, affecting hair follicle function and making hair easy to fall.

  Exceeding these foods, especially when eating a lot of fat-containing foods in the diet, will cause the sebaceous glands of the scalp to split due to excessive secretion. Excessive peppers will cause dryness of the hair, and the blood circulation through the scalp microvessels will be poor, so it will lead to a large amount.Hair loss.

Anatomy of hair loss food 1, copper, iron trace elements of food trace elements of copper, iron, etc. play a pivotal role in hair growth.

Lack of copper, iron can cause hair to fade and turn yellow.

2, foods containing vitamin A hair loss and dandruff are common symptoms of vitamin A deficiency.

Carrots, spinach, lettuce leaves and other vegetables are rich in vitamin A, while animal liver, fish, shrimp and egg foods are also rich in vitamin A.

3, protein-containing food intake of protein per day, is a hair growth agent.

Good quality protein is fish, meat, eggs, soy products, milk and so on.

These protein and protein foods can be digested and absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract to form various amino acids. After entering the blood, they are absorbed by the hair nipples at the roots of the hair, and the keratin is synthesized. After keratinization, it is our hair.

This process fully demonstrates that protein is the foundation of hair.

Recommended food squid (salmon) because squid scales omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, iron, is also a source of quality protein.

The necessary omega 3 tannins can support the health of the scalp.

If it is lacking, it will lead to a dry scalp, giving people a serious appearance.

Dark green vegetable spinach is good for hair health, as well as broccoli, Swiss sugar beet is a good source of vitamin A and C.

The skin needs to produce sebum, an oily substance secreted by the hair follicles.

Keep the hair in a natural state, while the dark green vegetables can be iron and calcium.

Some people have doubts about the benefits of beans to the hair.

However, the facts are beyond doubt!

Like kidney beans, lentils should be an important part of your food.

It not only provides rich protein, promotes hair growth, but also iron and zinc.

The lack of these elements will cause the hair to break.

Nuts often eat nuts for the health of the hair.

Brazilian nuts are the best source of selenium.

The most important mineral that sustains the health of the scalp.

Walnuts are rich in alpha linolenic acid, and Omega 3 fatty acids help to improve your hair quality. At the same time, it is also a source of large amounts of zinc.

Cashews, almonds and walnuts are recommended foods.

Therefore, all of the above foods should appear regularly in your diet to maintain your health.

Poultry, long-feathered poultry, chickens and turkeys can provide specific protein to ensure the health of your hair.

Without enough protein or low-quality protein, lack of enough protein will cause the hair to be fragile and easily broken.Poultry can provide high bioavailability of iron, which means that the body’s better absorption of iron is good for the hair.

Whole-grain foods Whole-grain foods are not only good for the health of the teeth, but also for the health of the hair. Whole-grain foods include wheat bread and enhanced breakfast cereals, which are rich in zinc, iron and vitamin B.

It is recommended to add a small amount of whole grain food as a supplement to the work break before the meal.

Carrot and carrot are important sources of vitamin A for people to promote the health of the scalp and give the scalp a good appearance.

A healthy scalp is a guarantee of shiny hair. Your food can be cooked in many forms, and the roasted carrots are more conducive to absorption.

Overall, a balanced estimate is good for hair health.

When it comes to eating the effects of healthy hair and beauty, in fact, there are many ways to achieve it.

Understand the secrets of China and China

Understand the secrets of China and China

The spirit of nursed back to health?

“Yin and Yang should be like the big theory” said: “angry hurts the liver”, “happy sadness”, “thinking the spleen”, “sorrowful lungs”, “fear of hurting the kidneys.”

Excessive emotions, overuse of the spirit, can hurt the body, and even physical damage.


The ancient naive theory of the cloud: “There is no need to deal with the situation outside, there is no thought in the inside, to be loyal to the task, to be self-satisfied, the body is not worthy, the spirit is not scattered, but also hundreds.

“Let us ask for less thoughts, broad-mindedness, optimism, a series of excessive mental stimulation, so that the spirit is always in a normal state, thus making the gods clear.”

  The appropriate rules of life, “The Ancient Innocent Theory,” said: “There is a diet and a regular life.

“The diet can be hurt, that is, “shaped food tastes . tastes hurt”; living disorders can also be hurt, that is, “squatting and rejecting, without disturbing bones, no fog, no matter how three times, the shape is sleepy”Thin”; the house is not the same, especially in the blood and damage.

Therefore, we must not overeating, eating too much fat, not overworked.

It is necessary to have an appropriate law of life to achieve “righteousness in the air, evil can not be done.”

  Work and rest moderately asked?

In Xuanming Wuqi Theory, there is a saying that “long-term injury, long-term injury, long-term injury, and long-term injury”, excessive fatigue will affect health.

However, not working also affects health.

Hua Xiaoyun: “The human body wants to work, but it is not the ear.”

If you shake it, then the gas valley will disappear, the blood will flow, and the disease will not be born.

“Describe the appropriate physical labor, not only can exercise physique, make the spirit full, and have the positive significance of preventing disease.

  In addition to the above three points, there is also the avoidance of its evil spirits, that is, to avoid damage to the form by external evils.

You should also use Qigong to strengthen yourself.

Qigong has the functions of Shuli muscles, strengthening the body, enriching the energy, transforming the right atmosphere, and maintaining the spirit.

  The essence of TCM health is to adjust the body’s own essence, control the body’s own emotions, to maintain a peaceful state, to support the age of the day, can be 100 years old and not fail.

Is there any performance in Alzheimer’s?

Is there any performance in Alzheimer’s?

The main manifestations of senile dementia are: (1) memory impairment: memory loss is often the first symptom of the disease, but also a prominent symptom of the disease.

Early from the beginning of the decline of near memory, it is often described as “lost and fall four”, “forgot to finish”, especially for numbers (such as date, age, phone number), names of people, place names and infrequently used terms are very poor, evenThe phone number in my home, the passbook password can’t be remembered, and the placed things immediately forget the location.

I have forgotten about everyday small things, such as what I ate yesterday.

At home, I often forget the burning water and burn the cooking utensils. I forgot to put the salt in the cooking, or repeatedly put the salt to make the vegetables salty.

At this stage, the familiar work may be competent, but it is difficult to learn new knowledge. It is difficult to complete the work with a little movement. The subsequent long-term memory (the events in the past) also has obstacles, and you cannot recall the things you have experienced, orIndiscriminately answer questions and use fiction to incorporate the gaps in his memory.

Finally, even my loved ones don’t know.

  (2) Decreasing computing power: The early calculation speed is slow, the complicated one cannot be completed, and the calculation error is gradually appeared. Even the simple one will not be calculated, and the purchase will not be settled.

Clinically, patients are often asked to calculate 100-7 =?

Continuous calculus minus 7, such as 100-7 = 93, 93-7 =?


.Wait, to determine whether its computing power is decreasing.

  (3) Spatial Orientation Obstacle: It is manifested that the position of the item cannot be accurately judged, the object is not caught when the object is taken out, or the object is touched too far.

When placing the item, the position should be correctly judged. If the pot or the kettle cannot be correctly placed on the fire eye of the stove, the pot or the kettle will be dumped to the ground due to the deviation.

When I go home, I go in the wrong direction, I often get lost, and even find my own room in my own home. I don’t know if the bed is my own.

When you dress, you can’t distinguish between the top, bottom, left, right, and right, and even wear the trousers as a sleeve.

Do not use the most commonly used items or tools, such as the soup spoon.

You cannot draw the simplest geometry.

  (4) Language barrier: Some patients have language barriers as the first performance.

Early words don’t make sense, vocabulary is reduced, personality is suddenly interrupted due to difficulty in finding words, can’t name the item, or replace it with the vocabulary or change theme mentioned here, giving people the feeling of “speaking east and west”.
Gradually speaking, it cannot be understood, the letter written can not be understood, and the problems raised by others cannot be understood.

In the end, the patient can only make a sound that others cannot understand, and finally silence.

  (5) Decrease in understanding and judgment: The performance is that the work cannot be handled correctly, the problems in life, the major events are ignored, the trivial matters are entangled, and the ability to work is reduced.

In clinical practice, it is commonly used to explain the meaning of idioms, to distinguish the similarities and differences between two things, and to make some questions to let patients judge what should be done to measure the patient’s understanding and judgment.

If you want the patient to explain “What does it mean to cross the river?”, “What are the similarities between apples and bananas?”

  (6) Emotional and behavioral disorders: manifested as restlessness, suspiciousness, irritability, apathy, depression, worry or euphoria.

There may be delusions, delusions, hallucinations, and impulsive wounding and destruction.

Some patients changed their previous habits, became unconcerned, did not trim their edges, and even collected waste.

Some express sexual desire, entangled with wives or other women, and even misbehaves, and some often move back and forth aimlessly.

  Late dementia is easy to diagnose, but it is difficult to find early.

Therefore, when the elderly have memory loss and emotional changes, they should go to the hospital as soon as possible to avoid delay in treatment.

The most detailed definition of yin and yang theory

The most detailed definition of yin and yang theory

Yin and Yang Ancient Chinese philosophical theory is a summary of the ancient people’s observation and induction of the nature of everything in nature and its development and changes.

  The yin and yang theory in medicine is the product of the combination of ancient dialectical thought methods and medical experience.
That is to say, the opposition and unity of yin and yang, the view of growth and transformation, the relationship between man and nature, and a series of questions in the medical field.
  Anatomical aspects: Inducting the properties of human organs and tissues such as “Lingshu?”
“Shoutian Gangruo”: “There are yin and yang in the home, and yin and yang in the outside. In the inside, the five internal organs are yin and the six sputum is yang; in the outside, the bones are yin and the skin is yang.
Physiological aspects: Analyze the physiological functions of the human body.
Such as “Su Wen, angry through the heavens”: “Yin, the Tibetan essence and the extreme also; Yang, the Wei and the solid.
Illustrate that yin represents the storage of matter and is the source of yang energy; yang represents the functional activity, and plays the role of defending the yin.
  Pathological aspects: clarify the basic laws of pathological changes.
Such as “Su Wen, Yin Yang should be like a big theory”: “Yin Sheng is Yang disease, Yang Sheng is Yin disease; Yang Sheng is hot, Yin wins cold.
Another example is “Su Wen, Tiaojing”: “Yang deficiency is outside the cold, yin deficiency is internal heat; Yang Sheng is external heat, Yin Sheng is internal cold.
“and many more.
  Diagnostic aspects: the general outline of the classification of the attributes of the disease, the positive syndrome and the negative syndrome as the overall identification method.
For example, “Su Wen, Yin Yang should be like a big theory”: “A good doctor, check the color according to the pulse, do not yin and yang.
Treatment: Determine the diarrhea, spare it, and adjust the principle of relative balance between yin and yang.
Such as “Su Wen, really want to talk about”: “The cold is hot, the hot is cold” and “such as the question, the yin and yang should be like the big theory”: “yang disease cure Yin, Yin disease cure Yang.
“and many more.
In addition, the performance of drugs, acupuncture techniques, etc., also have corresponding yin and yang properties.
  Clinically, it is necessary to pay attention to the relationship between Yin and Yang and the yin and yang of governance.
To sum up, Yin and Yang are both an important part of the basic theory and a tool for summarizing clinical experience.
However, this doctrine can only give a rough explanation of the interrelationships within things based on some intuitive experiences.
  The yin and yang transformation of the yin and yang, under certain conditions, can be transformed into each other, the yin can be transformed into yang, and the yang can be transformed into yin.
Such as: physiologically, the yin is in the yang, the yang is in the yin, and the yin and yang are the roots; in the pathology, the chill is extremely hot, the heat is extremely cold, the yin syndrome can be transformed into yang, and the yang can also be converted into yin.
Such as: physiologically, the yin is in the yang, the yang is in the yin, and the yin and yang are the roots; in the pathology, the cold is hot, the heat is extremely cold, the yin syndrome can be transformed into the positive syndrome, and the positive syndrome can also be converted intoYin card and so on.
  The secret of yin and yang, with a long history, emphasis on phenomena, and emphasis on surface narrative, are the characteristics of classical yin and yang.
Modern exploration has made revolutionary progress and new ideas from the mid-to-late 1990s.
Mathematical physics, that is, “numerical yin and yang” has become the symbol of modern yin and yang.
The use of mathematical models to describe the yin and yang using the three elements of the world, “material, energy, and information,” is a characteristic of modernization and scientific yin and yang.
  In 1995, Li Rongxing, the definition of yin and yang, Liaoning Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1995, 6 issues.
The definition of yin and yang is biased towards TCM clinical evidence.
  In 1997, Zhao Xixin, a mathematical model of Chinese medicine yin and yang, Henan Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1997, 5 issues.
  In 1998, Deng Yu et al., the scientific nature and mathematical construction of yin and yang,
<<中国中医基础医学杂志>>1998, 2:59-61.
Mathematical yin and yang, Journal of Mathematical Medicine, 1999, 1 issue.
  1999, Deng Yu et al, Chinese Medicine Fractal Set, Journal of Mathematical Medicine, 1999, v12, 3 issues.
Create concepts such as “Yin and Yang Fractal Sets”.
Fractal dimension of yin and yang = 1.
  In 2003, Lin Jianming, Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mathematics, Journal of Mathematical Medicine, 2003, issue.  In 2004, Qi Fengjun, on the mathematical balance between yin and yang, Chinese Journal of Basic Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2004, 7 issues.
  In 2005, Zhao Zhizhen, Zhao Wei, the establishment of the mathematical model of yin and yang theory of Chinese medicine and the study of calculus quantification, Sichuan Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2005, 11 issues.

  In 2007, Meng Kaizhen, Yin Yang and Wu Xing mathematics and its application in Chinese medicine, Journal of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2007, 6 issues.

  In 1998, Yin and Yang’s definition of modern definition of philosophy and logic 1: Yin and Yang are an incompatible relationship between the two concepts “Yin and Yang” under the concept of “the unity of opposites” of the same genus.

The connotation of yin and yang is mutually negated. One concept “Yin” affirms the yin attribute of the object, and the other concept “Yang” refers to the attribute affirmed by the negative concept, as the attribute of the yang object; the extension of yin and yang is mutually blocked and complement each other.The sum is equal to the extension of their nearest genus concept (the unity of opposites), that is, the sum of two concepts of yin and yang extension or concurrency.

  Quantitative measurement of yin and yang: The “state function u” indicator is used to describe the overall description of the material-energy-information available for the state or state, u = EP.

  E is the kinematics or dynamics index energy; P is the system chaos degree (order degree) index, which is closely related to entropy.

  Ancient Chinese Culture – Ancient Philosophical Thoughts – Yin and Yang In the concept of Chinese philosophy, yin and yang refer to two opposing and connected forces that exist in everything in the world.

Yin represents passive, dark, female, night; yang represents active, bright, male, daytime.

Chinese academic circles believe that the concept of yin and yang originated from the ancient people’s understanding of the sun and the shade of the terrain.

For example, the article “The Book of Songs, Daya, and Gong Liu” said: “Yu Gong Liu is both long and sturdy, and it is both yin and yang, and its yin and yang.

Yin and Yang are the south and the north of the yin.

  The ancient meaning of the words Yin and Yang is the day and the sun, and there is no philosophical connotation at first.

Yin, “Said Wen Jie Zi” 曰: “Dark also, the North of the South of the water is also”, “Speaking of the Department of Biography” 曰: “Shanbei Shuinan, the day is not as good.”

Yang, “Said Wen Jie Zi” 曰: “Gao Ming also.

“” Shuo Wen Jie Zi Yi Zheng”: “Gao Ming also, against the Yinyan.

“Lao said in the Tao Te Ching: “Dao Shengyi, one life two, two students three, three things.

Everything is negative and yang, and I think it is.

  This primitive understanding of yin and yang was quickly generalized in the Zhou Dynasty.

The Zhou Dynasty people also began to explain the natural phenomenon with the concept of yin and yang. For example, Bo Yang’s father attributed the cause of the earthquake to “the sun is not able to come out, and the yin is forced to steam.

“Yin and Yang doctrine is a dichotomy of the world. Yin and yang are a kind of high abstraction and overlap of the dichotomy of heaven and earth, men and women, staying up late, burning, fast, slow, up and down, front and back, inside and outside.

  Yangyin in the cosmology of the solar wind says, what is vacuum vacuum?

It is of course a kind of space. If there is no vacuum material, will it exist?

What is the substance?

The current scientific community believes that the Big Bang is the origin of the universe, but it is difficult to tell the situation of the universe in the moment after the big bang, so that there is a virtual vacuum and a real vacuum at that time.

Astronomers have not yet put forward corresponding theories to the situation at the time.

  In the big bang theory, vacuum exists as a product of the big bang.

I don’t agree with this point of view. I think vacuum is an independent space. It is not a product of the big bang.

If in my opinion, vacuum is an independent space, what if the vacuum is removed in our universe?

Another independent space emerged when the vacuum was removed.

I call the vacuum a yin and another space as a yang.

That is to say, our universe is a moderate space formed by two spaces of yin and yang.

This is my point of view.

In the moderate space, the two spaces are divided into each other. The male space is mainly composed of various spatial particles, and the negative space is surrounded by various positive space particles, that is, negative yin and yang.

There is no temperature in pure space and pure space. Why?

Because the temperature we now call is in the material world in a moderate space, and the temperature is measured by matter.

In the moderate space, due to the mutual division of the yin and yang space, the material world in our eyes is produced. In the pure yin and pure yang space, there is no such mutual division, and there is no material existence, pure yin and pure yang.The temperature of the space cannot be measured, so there is no temperature there.

The so-called temperature only exists in the moderate space.

  My idea is that whether it is a vacuum or a substance, its essence is space. The particles of matter are produced by dividing the two spaces into one another. Each particle is actually a small space body.

  Second, the evolution of matter When the two spaces are mixed with each other, our universe begins its evolution. From the beginning of mutual mixing, the wheel of time begins its rotation, so if there is no mixture of two spaces,There is no material evolution at the beginning of time.
  Third, the type of moderate space has two kinds of moderate space: negative yin and yang, negative yang and yin.
The mutual relationship between the same kind of spatial particles, when the heterogeneous spaces are mixed with each other, will divide each other and form various spatial forms.

The interference force in various small spaces is re-acquired in the heterogeneous space (the reset force is not directly given by the heterogeneous space, and the heterogeneous space is a necessary condition for the formation of the repulsive force).

  Fourth, the yang-A, yin-A-A space is divided by the space of B. The space of A is divided into numerous small spaces. The smaller space of A may surround the space of the penetrating space. This is the mutual attraction of the same kind of space.The result of the action.

The small space around the large space together constitutes a large space field. Regardless of the large space or the small space, they are slowly divided under the action of the space B. The gravitational relationship caused by the space recombines the large and small spaces.
Energy is produced by the movement of various spaces. Energy is abstract and the space that makes up matter is real.

  If the two spaces (yin and yang) that I am talking about are considered to be two kinds of energy space according to the Western way of thinking, vacuum is also a space of energy, but there is some space for yang (energy).The difference is five, while the sex when a space particle is struck by other particles, the action of a point on the particle is in our view simultaneous.

If this particle is enough to go through a ray of light, this simultaneity will still exist.

This simultaneity is very common in reality. Something says that a bamboo pole pushes it from a scorpion to a moving movement. The movement of a point above it is different in our view.of.
If this scorpion is long enough for a light year, then this simultaneity will not exist?

If the simultaneity of that huge space particle exists, can it be explained that the transfer of momentum inside the space particle is timeless (the transmission of momentum within the same continuous space is timeless)?

  Sixth, the evolution of the universe: including the movement of space particles (or an object) from one point to another, the growth and reduction of space particles themselves.

That is to say, movement is the second element of the evolution of the universe. The first element is the mixture of yin and yang space.

Energy is an expression of movement.

  Seventh, the evolution of the simultaneous universe of various points in the universe is synchronic at various points in the universe. This synchronicity is irrelevant to the distortion of time, speed, space and time, and gravity.

Only sports related to it.

A space particle in a substance is moving in some way, and another particle is moving in another way.

Let’s talk about our earth moving around the sun. In the depths of the distant universe, another planet is moving around another planet. Let’s talk about the light we see. It transmits and records the information of the past.The photon is the photon being in motion.

It’s just that the information we receive from the Earth is in the past.

Each region of the universe produces its own time concept relative to this synchronization.

I put a synchronous axis in this transitional universe, then I can draw the following time axis: eight, I use the yin and yang theory to think of the space distortion yin and yang delivery reduction, the two are produced at the junctionSpace distortion, this kind of space distortion is divided into two kinds, one is the concave curvature produced by the space embodied in the vacuum, and the other is the convex curvature generated by the space of the space particle.

This is the physical distortion of space.

The distortion of time and space seems to me to be a motion distortion of space particles.

  Nine, the “start” and “fall” of space say that a “positive space particle” moves in the “yin space” embodied in the vacuum, assuming that there is such a point in the “yin space”, when this “yang space particle””When the sport reaches this point, it will dispose of the “yin space” at this point and occupy this point. I call this the “starting space” of “female space”; when this “yang space particle” moves from this pointThe negative space will reoccupy this point. I call this the “falling” of “female space.”

If the “internal space particle transfer of momentum is timeless” is true, then the information of the ups and downs will be quickly transmitted in this negative space and may be generated for all the positive space particles inside this negative space.Some kind of influence.

  10. Does the “illusion” of space’s “starting” and “falling” produce gravitation? When I think about these problems, I suddenly think about whether gravity is related to space. In my opinion, the cause of gravity is not likeIt is only one kind, the mutual division between different kinds of space in the cause of it is the most important, followed by the ups and downs of space, the distortion of space, the mutual fusion of the same kind of space, etc.To elicit the necessary conditions, I divide these necessary conditions into two kinds: “truth” and “illusion”. In “truth”, there are mutual divisions between different kinds of spaces, the rise and fall of space, the mutual fusion of the same space., “illusion””There is a regular movement of space particles caused by the distortion of space.11. The yin-yang theory and the similar yin-yang theory of Western science are the summary of the ancient Chinese thinking about the world with the unique way of thinking of the Chinese nation.It is the study of the universe.

The same Western science is also studying the universe, so there are some similarities between them.

Friends who have seen my thoughts should think that the universe that I derived from the theory of yin and yang is a moving universe.

The distribution of yin and yang, because space particles are generated, as long as it is a space particle, it will be split by another space to produce other moving particles, or some particles will be re-fused together due to the existence of motion.Against this natural fusion process.

Let’s take a look at the mass equation E = mc2 in Einstein’s theory of relativity. Einstein added the speed of light to his equation, from which we can trim as long as there is mass of matter that is energetic.

The speed of light is a description of the state of motion of light, that is to say energy “E” is a kind of exercise energy.

I think Einstein sees movement as an element of the universe.

For quantum theory, it has similarities with yin and yang theory. In yin and yang theory, it is difficult to measure the position of another spatial particle with a spatial particle as a reference. Because this reference is also moving, it is alsoThe evolution of the moment is in line with the uncertainty principle of quantum theory.

  The Chinese are not stupid. The Chinese are not stupid. The current educational philosophy is not suitable for the Chinese. The educational method is not in line with the Chinese cognitive model.

  We need an enlightenment textbook. Every subject of this kind of textbook is from shallow to deep, and incorporates all the essential knowledge points of this subject into a book, rather than the superficial textbooks like now.Throw it when you are finished.

  The true cognitive mode of the Chinese is to learn for a lifetime, so there must be an enlightenment textbook that will enable us to use our whole life.

  For Chinese, use the Siku Quanshu.

Moreover, this kind of enlightenment textbook is truly enlightening. It can’t guide the knowledge that every human subject has in it, and guide us to learn more.

  We need to modernize each discipline from its source, and the development of this discipline is edited in a chronological way.

For a detailed explanation and record of the knowledge points of each era in this discipline every year, the knowledge of the previous year is the basis of the knowledge of the next year. Don’t evade the knowledge that has been abandoned before, don’t think that heIt is wrong, it is probably quite right.
Let us not go through the rough knowledge of last year or ancient knowledge.
The development of each discipline is gradually produced and developed according to the time. According to the method of chronology, this discipline is fully presented in front of our Chinese people. Its development is its origin, and we humans are at such a high level.Why do animals develop from simple cell bodies step by step, why can’t we directly form an adult directly.

We have to record and explain in detail.

The same is true of the development of each discipline. We also learn from those disciplines and learn from the origin of each discipline.

The preparation of each kind of teaching material is also like this. Only the knowledge of the textbooks can be arranged according to the time sequence of the development of these two disciplines, in order to be truly shallow.

Only then can we clearly grasp the pulse of each discipline.

We must reshape the history of each discipline in the minds of Chinese people.

  We have an old saying in China, we know what it is, and we don’t think that learning is ancient.

Learning ancient knowledge lies in the warmth, the purpose is to let our modern people know new things.

We can use the oldest knowledge to learn modern knowledge. The oldest knowledge may be the most simple or the most ignorant, or the most esoteric.

Speaking about traditional Chinese medicine, it seems that many people say that Chinese medicine is not very scientific. Those who say those words may be stupid. How long has our Chinese medicine been tempered?

Millennial years!

Is it necessary for Westerners to admit that she is scientific in the practice of the millennium?

After thousands of years of Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicines that have been verified in countless Chinese people have not been more convincing than western medicine.

  Why do Westerners refuse to take Chinese medicine?

They are afraid!

In China, and even in the world, the strength of Chinese medicine will greatly reduce the Western medicine, so that their sales of Western medicine are greatly reduced!

Foreigners can not believe Chinese medicine can not accept Chinese medicine, but we Chinese must believe her!