Exercise is a good way to lose weight

Exercise is a good way to lose weight

Obese people increase physical exercise, not only can increase the “expenditure” of adults in the body, so that the body can be restored, but also can make the various organs of the body exercise and strengthen the body.

Therefore, increasing exercise is a very good way to lose weight.


To increase muscle activity, you need to increase the amount, which can promote the “burning” of the sputum in the fat storelet and change the ratio of muscle to adult.


Exercise can be used as a stimulus for the consumption assistant, which promotes assistant metabolism through nerve and body fluid regulation.


Exercise can lower blood fat, lower blood cholesterol and glycerol, reduce the deposition of adults in the heart, liver, blood vessels, reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease, adult liver and other diseases.


Exercise can improve heart metabolism, thereby improving myocardial working ability, strengthening myocardial contractility, and enhancing the cardiovascular system’s ability to adapt to physical exertion in patients with hypertension.


Exercise can increase respiratory strength, increase thoracic activity range and vital capacity, and improve lung ventilation and ventilation.

The speed of gas exchange is also good for “burning” off the excess aunt.

Steamed rice is no longer nutritious than cooking rice

Steamed rice is no longer nutritious than cooking rice

Everyone knows that green vegetables should be fried quickly to preserve vitamins. The soup should not be more than one and a half hours to avoid nutrient loss.

  Similarly, choosing the method of making rice can also help you retain the vitamin B1 and other nutrients in the “precious” rice.

  People usually use rice to cook or steam, and steamed rice is divided into bowls of steamed rice and steamed rice.

So, which method can better preserve vitamins?

Cooking rice is to add rice to clear water, first boil it with high heat, then boil it with warm fire.

At this time, the water has a dissolution effect, so there are quite a lot of doping substances in the rice soup, such as vitamin B1, vitamin C and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

However, due to the long cooking time, the vitamin B1 in the degraded water will partially escape through the increase of water temperature and evaporation of water, which leads to the loss of nutrients in the rice.

  Steamed rice can provide double insurance for nutrients.

Using a bowl with a lid and steaming with a water pot can ensure that the water vapor in the pot is only “circling” around the bowl, and it is impossible to take away the nutrients in the bowl. This is an insurance.

Or cook the rice until it is half-cooked, then remove the steamed water and then drink the rice soup alone.

This rice soup is not heated for a long time, and more nutritious preservation is also an insurance.

But if you abandon the rice soup and not drink it (fishing), it is a big waste.

  In addition, the white rice tastes monotonous, we do not hinder the addition of “patterns” inside, to create a special flavor of rice.

Such as the fragrant green tea rice, both color and aroma are good, and have the effect of greasy, cleansing, food and prevent diseases; add a few chopped hawthorn, taste both fragrant, and prevent nutrients from being destroyed; add some vinegarRice can be easily stored and smashed, and the rice is more fragrant; half-baked raw rice can be added with a few drops of white wine, and then steamed for a while with simmer, can be eaten; if added peas, carrots and corn, it is colorful and attractive.It also provides vitamins and antioxidants.

Detox beauty woman spring yoga practice benefits

Detox beauty woman spring yoga practice benefits


Don’t practice exercises that are more flexible than your own limits. Exercise is your own physiology. Everyone has different physical conditions and different levels of practice. Some people have better flexibility. Some people have a strong sense of balance. Some people have strength. Some people have strength.Stronger, no matter how it is, exercise is your own body, so you don’t have to compete with your classmates. As long as you feel good, today is better than yesterday. It is success.

Reluctantly, your body is hard to pull, and it is inevitable that you will not be injured.


Do not practice in windy places, practice places should be hot and cold; ancient people say “spring, autumn and autumn”, spring is windy, and wind evil is the main factor of spring disease external factors, it may cause various contagious, popularSexual diseases such as colds, tonsillitis, pneumonia, etc.

Practicing yoga in a windy place is not conducive to health. It not only does not function as a body, but also catches a cold.

Because when we practice yoga, it is easy to sweat. When you sweat, your body’s pores will open. What happens when the wind blows into the body?

Everyone must know that when athletes experience strenuous exercise and sweat, they can’t immediately blow cold wind or drink a lot of cold water, because the athlete’s pores are in a completely open state, in the “inside” and “outside” of the human body.In the meantime, the various protective “barriers” have been “disarmed” in order to give priority to ensuring heat dissipation. Therefore, if the cold wind blows, the air-conditioning will go straight through the body, causing the human body’s tissues and organs to occur sharply.The phenomenon of cold shrinkage causes various discomforts.

In addition, the pores still have a strong filtering effect. When the sweat is too strong, the filtering effect is almost disappeared, and the bacteria and viruses that are transmitted by the wind just take this opportunity to drill into the human body to get rid of the eggs.

Don’t sweat too much, in case the amount of yang in the body is lost, people will sweat.

Sisters who are losing weight are even more eager to sweat every time.

But in spring, yang rises and everything recovers. Like other creatures in nature, the yang in the body begins to be in a state of dying. At this time, if too much sweat is produced, it will hurt people’s vitality and appear excessive.The symptoms of fatigue.

Therefore, when we exercise in the spring, we should grasp a degree, that is, just sweating, don’t make yourself too tired.

In the spring, the human body’s yang is in line with nature, and it is excessively evacuated. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to defending the yang in the body. Any situation that damages the yang should be avoided.


The body balances with a flexible break. The whole cold winter, the human body seems to be curled up, so the most suitable thing for spring is to gradually move to wake up the body.

The contracted and balanced yoga posture can not only achieve stretching and massage effects, but also avoid excessive exercise, excessive sweating and damage to yang.

Yoga practice, prevent healthy, agile body, with slow breathing, gradually, squeeze, reverse parts of the body, repeatedly put the body in tension and displacement. After many times, the body appearsThe massage-like effect promotes blood circulation, restores vitality, eliminates stiffness in joints, improves sleep quality, improves practitioners’ concentration, and provides peace of mind.

What makes the belly go down?


What makes the belly go down?

The abdomen is the part of the human body that is most likely to accumulate uncles.

How to reduce the fat belly, how to create a sexy waist?

First of all, it is necessary to clearly understand why the abdomen is more likely to accumulate sputum, so that it is better to prescribe the right medicine, and abdominal weight loss can be effective.

  The abdomen is the easiest thing to accumulate, which is obvious to all, but why is this place easy to accumulate?

It is possible that everyone will think that it is the reason for sitting for a long time, but it is not a sedentary person. When you are obese, it is also an aunt who produces extra aunts in the abdomen. This means that people who are not sitting for a long time will letThe abdomen is more likely to have aunt’s accumulation.

In other words, most people get fat, starting from the abdomen. This is why the biggest difference between the abdomen and other parts is the type of muscle in the abdomen.

That is, the ability of kidney muscles to resist convulsions is very weak.

The muscles of the abdomen belong to smooth muscle.

This is an important factor in the easy accumulation of muscle fibers in the abdomen.

  Smooth muscle Some skeletal muscles in other parts of the body. This smooth muscle is mainly dominated by autonomic nerves.

Skeletal muscles are dominated by human consciousness.

Smoothing is not a fragment of each muscle fiber (ie, muscle cells) that is connected to the bone through the tendon; smooth muscle cells are connected to each other to form a tubular structure or a hollow organ; functionally, the organ can be moved and deformed by changing and generating tension, and can also be produced.Continuous contraction or tension contraction, which allows the organ to maintain a constant shape against the applied load, so that his main area of work is replaced by the internal organs of the body. In layman’s terms, this muscle is highly defensive (protection)), but not specific and strong active attack (not to say that it is not aggressive, not aggressive and skeletal muscle is relatively weak), his defensiveness is not to protect himself or protect the internal organs, so deadlyWhen he violated him, he did not know how to take the initiative to attack and dare to go and consume. He only cares for the internal organs. He can also say that he is a loyal guardian of the internal organs, but this loyal guard seems to be a little mentally”Two” (a rib).

  Because of this characteristic, the abdominal muscles are not easy to train, and it is easier to accumulate tendons.

After you have it, it is not easy to get rid of it. In this special case, no matter how much we do about the abdomen, it will not play a big role.

This is also the reason why everyone can recognize in sports. This is the main reason.

  When we understand this, we can make a movement adjustment.

(All sports must understand the most fundamental reasons before they can effectively cope with it. In a few cases, we don’t use the abdominal muscles to complete the consumption. We can only choose an indirect method to achieve the goal.The exercise consumes energy. During exercise, it uses the slightest energy of the human body to provide energy to maintain exercise. The slightness of the abdomen is the most, so when the body needs kinetic energy as a slight energy, it is preferred to send repatriated adults.For the vanguard (because he is the easiest to get energy), thus achieving the purpose of reducing the abdomen slightly.

Understand the secrets of China and China

Understand the secrets of China and China

The spirit of nursed back to health?

“Yin and Yang should be like the big theory” said: “angry hurts the liver”, “happy sadness”, “thinking the spleen”, “sorrowful lungs”, “fear of hurting the kidneys.”

Excessive emotions, overuse of the spirit, can hurt the body, and even physical damage.


The ancient naive theory of the cloud: “There is no need to deal with the situation outside, there is no thought in the inside, to be loyal to the task, to be self-satisfied, the body is not worthy, the spirit is not scattered, but also hundreds.

“Let us ask for less thoughts, broad-mindedness, optimism, a series of excessive mental stimulation, so that the spirit is always in a normal state, thus making the gods clear.”

  The appropriate rules of life, “The Ancient Innocent Theory,” said: “There is a diet and a regular life.

“The diet can be hurt, that is, “shaped food tastes . tastes hurt”; living disorders can also be hurt, that is, “squatting and rejecting, without disturbing bones, no fog, no matter how three times, the shape is sleepy”Thin”; the house is not the same, especially in the blood and damage.

Therefore, we must not overeating, eating too much fat, not overworked.

It is necessary to have an appropriate law of life to achieve “righteousness in the air, evil can not be done.”

  Work and rest moderately asked?

In Xuanming Wuqi Theory, there is a saying that “long-term injury, long-term injury, long-term injury, and long-term injury”, excessive fatigue will affect health.

However, not working also affects health.

Hua Xiaoyun: “The human body wants to work, but it is not the ear.”

If you shake it, then the gas valley will disappear, the blood will flow, and the disease will not be born.

“Describe the appropriate physical labor, not only can exercise physique, make the spirit full, and have the positive significance of preventing disease.

  In addition to the above three points, there is also the avoidance of its evil spirits, that is, to avoid damage to the form by external evils.

You should also use Qigong to strengthen yourself.

Qigong has the functions of Shuli muscles, strengthening the body, enriching the energy, transforming the right atmosphere, and maintaining the spirit.

  The essence of TCM health is to adjust the body’s own essence, control the body’s own emotions, to maintain a peaceful state, to support the age of the day, can be 100 years old and not fail.