Opening the window in the morning is not good for your health.

Opening the window in the morning is not good for your health.

It’s a very pleasant thing to get up and open the window in the morning, but it’s a good thing for people living in the city.

  In some streets where traffic flows through, the transitional atmosphere in the night city is more stable than during the day, which is not conducive to its own spread. Therefore, at around 6 am, the concentration limit is still high.

Opening the window in the early morning to change into the air that is not fresh is harmful to health.

  First of all, every morning and afternoon should be ventilated once a window, each time more than half an hour, 9 am
11 o’clock, 2 pm?
4 o’clock is the best time to open the window for ventilation, because the air quality is best during these two time periods.

In addition, the kitchen is an important source of indoor air pollution. When cooking, open the exhaust fan or range hood to eliminate harmful gases.

  Benefits of window ventilation: Frequent window ventilation and ventilation can effectively remove harmful gases from indoor air and purify indoor air.

  According to the measurement, when the doors and windows are all open and the indoor and outdoor air convection is good, the air in the room and the building can be exchanged once in 15 minutes.

  Frequent window ventilation and ventilation can greatly reduce the amount of bacteria in the indoor air.

  According to the measurement, in the environment where the doors and windows are closed and the air is dirty, the number of bacteria per cubic meter of air can be as high as tens of thousands, and the number of bacteria is only a few hundred after the window is ventilated.

  After opening the window, it allows more sunlight to enter the room, so that the ultraviolet rays blocked by the glass directly enter the room, and disinfection.

  Frequent window ventilation and ventilation can increase the content of negative ions in indoor air.

  In the average urban living room, there is only negative ion 40 per cubic centimeter of air?
50, and there can be 100 in the upper air?
200; the air in rural fields can contain 700?
1000, and more than 20,000 in the air of forests and beaches.

  Negative ions in the air are known as “air vitamins” because they improve the ventilation function of the lungs, stimulate the central nervous system, promote blood circulation and hematopoiesis, and enhance the function of the cerebral cortex.

The increase in the content of negative ions in the indoor air makes the mind fresh, comfortable and healthy.

Smile for ten years, because laughter can prevent disease and cure health and longevity

Smile for ten years, because laughter can prevent disease and cure health and longevity

“Laughter, ten years less.”

Don’t think that this is an exaggeration of art, but it is very scientific.

Because laughter can prevent disease and cure diseases, making people healthy and longevity.

  Medical research shows that laughter is first of all a kind of fitness exercise: it can promote lung expansion, promote respiratory movement, and can clear the waste of the respiratory tract; when the laughter, the abdominal muscles of the person relax, the visceral smooth muscle also accelerates, and the movement of the diaphragm muscle increases.It promotes digestive gland secretion and intestinal peristalsis, and can also increase appetite and digestion and absorption; laughter can also regulate nervous system function, good mentality is good spirit, can enhance immunity, and is good for sleep.

The study has not found that people who are not laughing are prone to worry and depression. If they are unhealthy, they are prone to mental disorders, autonomic disorders, endocrine dysfunction, and aging.

  There are already examples of laughing and treating diseases in foreign countries: in a patient with bone pain in the United States, the drug is called incompetent, and he used “Laughter Therapy” to read many classic comedy movies. He forgot the pain in laughter and controlled it after one month.The condition; a patient with neurasthenia is cured by watching a burlesque.

  I have to laugh all the time for health.

If you can’t laugh, you can watch more comedy (small products) and listen to comics, or watch more anime films, comics, and laugh at yourself.

What are the good diet prescriptions for azoospermic patients?

What are the good diet prescriptions for azoospermic patients?

We know that male friends with azoospermia have more or less problems in their growth, and some even suffer from infertility. Some friends have cured their infertility through medical treatment, but some friends have triedA variety of ways are not to see the effect.

Then we recommend a diet to help you treat azoospermia, I hope everyone can return to health as soon as possible.

Foods that should be eaten without azoospermia, sea cucumber: can supplement kidney and essence, nourishing yin and impotence.

Cationic iodine, zinc and other trace elements.

Can participate in regulating metabolism and lowering blood lipids.

The contained mucin and other polysaccharides contain lipid-lowering anticoagulation, promote hematopoietic function, delay aging, nourish the skin, repair tissue and so on.

2, animal kidney: has the role of Bushen Yijing, is a concrete manifestation of the theory of “dirty and dirty” in traditional Chinese medicine.

Because it is rich in protein, traces, multivitamins and some rare trace elements, it is both nourishing and strong.

3, shrimp: capable of craftsmanship to strengthen the kidney and impotence, through the milk detoxification.

It is rich in protein, lipids, minerals, vitamins, calcium and phosphorus. It is a good bone marrow product. The extract supplement for shrimp meat also contains immune-enhancing substances.

4, tamping: with kidney and solid, spleen and dehumidification.

Contains starch, vitamins and minerals.

It can be eaten with scorpions.

The therapeutic side of azoospermia patients recommended 1, 100 grams of yam porridge, 100 grams of white rice, 100 grams of sugar, 1 kilogram of water.

After peeling the fresh yam, cut into pieces and cook until the ripening of the rice to make the porridge, then add the sugar to cook for a while.

2, 50 grams of sesame sesame seeds, 100 grams of white rice, 50 grams of honey, 1 kilogram of water.

Add honey and add it.

This porridge can replenish the liver and kidney, invigorate the bowels and the black hair, fully cosmetic effect.

Tips: In addition to the time to make up for the supplement, but also regular exercise, the male body is too fat is also detrimental to the growth of sperm.

Weight control within the appropriate range can also improve sperm quality.

What are the vegetables that prevent cancer? It must be seen for the health of your family.

What are the vegetables that prevent cancer? It must be seen for the health of your family.

Eggplant is sweet and cool, with blood and pain relief, diuretic detoxification and other effects.
The main contains longanine, the content of which is more than purple pipa, animal experiments prove that this substance can inhibit cancer of the digestive system.
Chinese cabbage is sweet and flat, has antipyretic and annoying effects, and is beneficial to the stomach and intestines. Scientists believe that the crude fiber contained has the laxative effect of stimulating gastrointestinal motility, and can cause carcinogens generated by pollution or decomposition to be excreted as soon as possible.To reduce intestinal absorption and local irritation to the intestinal wall.
It also contains more trace elements of molybdenum, which can block the carcinogenic nitrosamine synthesis. Selenium helps to produce glutathione in the human body, which reduces the incidence of cancer. It is rich in vitamin lil, Fan and C, and meat.The same kind of food can not only increase the deliciousness of the meat, but also reduce the production of carcinogenic nitrosamines in the meat.
Radish has clearing, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, phlegm and cough, and radish contains anti-cancer substances. Experiments have shown that it can reduce the growth of animal tumors.
Old Chinese medicine doctors especially praise radish, I hope everyone eat more radish and less thirsty.
Carnivorous meat must be added with radish, which not only can prevent disease and cure diseases, but also has the effect of preventing and treating cancer. In recent years, zinc has been found to have strong anticancer activity, and zinc is high in radish.
Carrots have the effects of strengthening the stomach and spleen, helping the body and replenishing the qi and replenishing the qi, and have the effect of laxative stagnation on the sputum.
Carrots, rich in vitamin A (carotene), are the nutrients of the “anti-cancer system.”
Lentils have the effect of spleen and dehumidification, and detoxification.
This product is only used for gastrointestinal tumors with weak temper and wet turbidity. The lentils can stimulate lymphocytes in the body to transform into tumor-killing cells, which can stimulate the immune system to enhance digestion and absorption.
Cabbage (cabbage) is sweet and flat, with bone marrow, joints, strong bones, beneficial organs and heat and pain.
It is known that the components contained in the indole-3-acetaldehyde and flavonoids can induce a 54-fold increase in the activity of the terpene hydrocarbon hydroxylase in the liver, and increase the activity of the intestinal mucosa by 30 times, indicating a cancer resistance.Significantly enhanced; some studies have found that this product can reduce the incidence of gastric cancer, colon cancer and rectal cancer.
Garlic is spicy, warm and has a strong pungent odor.
Contains volatile oil, the main ingredient is allicin, a phytoncide, sulfur and selenium, strontium, selenium have anti-cancer effect, sputum can prevent gastric cancer, organic sputum can promote blood circulation, induce body interferon, will be giantThe phagocytes are induced to become anti-cancer macrophages and enhance the resistance of the diseased cells of the patient.
Allicin can prevent the growth of nitrosamine-producing bacteria in the human stomach, thereby reducing the synthesis of nitrosamines and reducing the occurrence of gastric cancer.
Therefore, garlic is used as a common food for cancer prevention.
Mushrooms include mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, and Hericium erinaceus, which contain polysaccharides.
Scientific experiments have shown that polysaccharides have the immune function of regulating the “anti-cancer system” of the human body, thereby inhibiting the growth of cancer and alleviating the symptoms of cancer patients.
Cauliflower is rich in nutrients. It contains protein, fat, sugar, and vitamins such as VitB1 VitB2 VitC VitA, and calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper and manganese. The long-term consumption of cauliflower can increase the detoxification ability of the liver and improve the body’sImmunity to prevent the occurrence of colds and scurvy.
In addition, cauliflower contains a variety of indole derivatives, which can enhance the body’s resistance to benzopyrene. Cauliflower also contains enzymes that can decompose nitrosamines and “dithiophenolthione”, which can neutralize poisons and promote body excretion.Therefore, eating more flowers can reduce the chance of cancer, which is very beneficial to the body.
The anti-cancer effect of bitter gourd bitter gourd is because it contains a kind of quinine-like protein, which can activate the activity of immune cells. The bitter gourd seeds contain components that inhibit cell invasion and metastasis.

Old-age itching self-care

Old-age itching self-care

Old age itching is a common skin disease, especially in winter.

The sweat secretion function of the elderly is weakened, so that the excessive amount of the stratum corneum of the skin is reduced, so the skin is drier.

In winter, the temperature is low and the climate is dry. It is easy to induce pruritus in the elderly or worsen.

Due to the relationship, many lines of scratches and blood stasis can be seen on the skin.

Therefore, elderly patients should pay attention to the following problems in their lives: 1.

Reasonable skin care, try to avoid scratching, clothes should be wide, soft, underwear to replace cotton shorts or silk, do not wear a piece of wool.

Bathing time is too diligent, bathing 1-2 times a week, can not use too much alkaline soap or excessive friction, bath water temperature is 35 ° C -37 ° C is appropriate.

If the bath is too diligent, the water temperature is too high or the soap is used too much, the original dry skin will lose its sebum and moisturize and dry out, thus aggravating itching.

The bedding should not be too warm. In winter, apply a moisturizer to protect the skin.


Diet should be light, easy to digest, eat more vitamin C vegetables and fruits, keep the stool smooth, can effectively accumulate the accumulation of sensitizing substances in the body in time.

Do not eat foods that are allergic or irritating, such as fish, shrimp, crabs, etc.

Foods that have been proven to be allergic, including similar foods, should never be taken.

You should quit smoking and alcohol, do not drink strong tea, coffee.


Life should be regular, mood should be happy, don’t fatigue, avoid anger and impatience.

Go to bed early and get up early, don’t look at the stimulating film and television programs, and don’t drink strong tea and coffee before going to sleep to ensure adequate sleep.


Appropriate participation in physical exercise to promote skin metabolism, improve skin’s absorption of nutrients, and also promote the secretion of sweat, reduce dry skin and relieve symptoms.

Usually you can take a walk, play badminton, Tai Chi, practice Qigong and other activities.


Actively prevent primary diseases such as diabetes, jaundice, intestinal parasitic diseases, etc., in order to eliminate the cause of itching.

When the skin is itchy, the following methods can be used to alleviate the symptoms: external washing: smashing the affected area with fresh loofah leaves.

  Wash with salt water and apply sputum.

  Xanthium (full use of root leaves) 15 grams of chopped decoction 1 bowl, wash the affected area, once a day.

  30 grams of Sophora flavescens, 9 grams of Sichuan pepper, wash the affected area with water decoction twice a day.

  60 grams of Ai Ye, 6 grams of realgar, 60 grams of wind, 6 grams of pepper, washed the affected area, 1 time a day.

  External application: safflower, peach kernel, almond, raw scorpion, schizonepeta, 10 grams of Kochia scoparia, a total of research fine.

Take 10 grams each time, use honey to adjust the paste into the umbilical, fixed with external adhesive tape, once a day, 5 days for a course of treatment.

  Place a stack of cigarette ash in a container, drop a few drops of water, place it in a paste and apply it to the affected area.

  Bloodletting therapy: taking acupuncture points, blood sea, Hegu, Shenmen, Sanyinjiao, Fengshi, Neiguan or the veins behind the ear. After routine disinfection of the skin, the triangular needles puncture the bleeding.

The most detailed definition of yin and yang theory

The most detailed definition of yin and yang theory

Yin and Yang Ancient Chinese philosophical theory is a summary of the ancient people’s observation and induction of the nature of everything in nature and its development and changes.

  The yin and yang theory in medicine is the product of the combination of ancient dialectical thought methods and medical experience.
That is to say, the opposition and unity of yin and yang, the view of growth and transformation, the relationship between man and nature, and a series of questions in the medical field.
  Anatomical aspects: Inducting the properties of human organs and tissues such as “Lingshu?”
“Shoutian Gangruo”: “There are yin and yang in the home, and yin and yang in the outside. In the inside, the five internal organs are yin and the six sputum is yang; in the outside, the bones are yin and the skin is yang.
Physiological aspects: Analyze the physiological functions of the human body.
Such as “Su Wen, angry through the heavens”: “Yin, the Tibetan essence and the extreme also; Yang, the Wei and the solid.
Illustrate that yin represents the storage of matter and is the source of yang energy; yang represents the functional activity, and plays the role of defending the yin.
  Pathological aspects: clarify the basic laws of pathological changes.
Such as “Su Wen, Yin Yang should be like a big theory”: “Yin Sheng is Yang disease, Yang Sheng is Yin disease; Yang Sheng is hot, Yin wins cold.
Another example is “Su Wen, Tiaojing”: “Yang deficiency is outside the cold, yin deficiency is internal heat; Yang Sheng is external heat, Yin Sheng is internal cold.
“and many more.
  Diagnostic aspects: the general outline of the classification of the attributes of the disease, the positive syndrome and the negative syndrome as the overall identification method.
For example, “Su Wen, Yin Yang should be like a big theory”: “A good doctor, check the color according to the pulse, do not yin and yang.
Treatment: Determine the diarrhea, spare it, and adjust the principle of relative balance between yin and yang.
Such as “Su Wen, really want to talk about”: “The cold is hot, the hot is cold” and “such as the question, the yin and yang should be like the big theory”: “yang disease cure Yin, Yin disease cure Yang.
“and many more.
In addition, the performance of drugs, acupuncture techniques, etc., also have corresponding yin and yang properties.
  Clinically, it is necessary to pay attention to the relationship between Yin and Yang and the yin and yang of governance.
To sum up, Yin and Yang are both an important part of the basic theory and a tool for summarizing clinical experience.
However, this doctrine can only give a rough explanation of the interrelationships within things based on some intuitive experiences.
  The yin and yang transformation of the yin and yang, under certain conditions, can be transformed into each other, the yin can be transformed into yang, and the yang can be transformed into yin.
Such as: physiologically, the yin is in the yang, the yang is in the yin, and the yin and yang are the roots; in the pathology, the chill is extremely hot, the heat is extremely cold, the yin syndrome can be transformed into yang, and the yang can also be converted into yin.
Such as: physiologically, the yin is in the yang, the yang is in the yin, and the yin and yang are the roots; in the pathology, the cold is hot, the heat is extremely cold, the yin syndrome can be transformed into the positive syndrome, and the positive syndrome can also be converted intoYin card and so on.
  The secret of yin and yang, with a long history, emphasis on phenomena, and emphasis on surface narrative, are the characteristics of classical yin and yang.
Modern exploration has made revolutionary progress and new ideas from the mid-to-late 1990s.
Mathematical physics, that is, “numerical yin and yang” has become the symbol of modern yin and yang.
The use of mathematical models to describe the yin and yang using the three elements of the world, “material, energy, and information,” is a characteristic of modernization and scientific yin and yang.
  In 1995, Li Rongxing, the definition of yin and yang, Liaoning Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1995, 6 issues.
The definition of yin and yang is biased towards TCM clinical evidence.
  In 1997, Zhao Xixin, a mathematical model of Chinese medicine yin and yang, Henan Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1997, 5 issues.
  In 1998, Deng Yu et al., the scientific nature and mathematical construction of yin and yang,
<<中国中医基础医学杂志>>1998, 2:59-61.
Mathematical yin and yang, Journal of Mathematical Medicine, 1999, 1 issue.
  1999, Deng Yu et al, Chinese Medicine Fractal Set, Journal of Mathematical Medicine, 1999, v12, 3 issues.
Create concepts such as “Yin and Yang Fractal Sets”.
Fractal dimension of yin and yang = 1.
  In 2003, Lin Jianming, Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mathematics, Journal of Mathematical Medicine, 2003, issue.  In 2004, Qi Fengjun, on the mathematical balance between yin and yang, Chinese Journal of Basic Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2004, 7 issues.
  In 2005, Zhao Zhizhen, Zhao Wei, the establishment of the mathematical model of yin and yang theory of Chinese medicine and the study of calculus quantification, Sichuan Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2005, 11 issues.

  In 2007, Meng Kaizhen, Yin Yang and Wu Xing mathematics and its application in Chinese medicine, Journal of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2007, 6 issues.

  In 1998, Yin and Yang’s definition of modern definition of philosophy and logic 1: Yin and Yang are an incompatible relationship between the two concepts “Yin and Yang” under the concept of “the unity of opposites” of the same genus.

The connotation of yin and yang is mutually negated. One concept “Yin” affirms the yin attribute of the object, and the other concept “Yang” refers to the attribute affirmed by the negative concept, as the attribute of the yang object; the extension of yin and yang is mutually blocked and complement each other.The sum is equal to the extension of their nearest genus concept (the unity of opposites), that is, the sum of two concepts of yin and yang extension or concurrency.

  Quantitative measurement of yin and yang: The “state function u” indicator is used to describe the overall description of the material-energy-information available for the state or state, u = EP.

  E is the kinematics or dynamics index energy; P is the system chaos degree (order degree) index, which is closely related to entropy.

  Ancient Chinese Culture – Ancient Philosophical Thoughts – Yin and Yang In the concept of Chinese philosophy, yin and yang refer to two opposing and connected forces that exist in everything in the world.

Yin represents passive, dark, female, night; yang represents active, bright, male, daytime.

Chinese academic circles believe that the concept of yin and yang originated from the ancient people’s understanding of the sun and the shade of the terrain.

For example, the article “The Book of Songs, Daya, and Gong Liu” said: “Yu Gong Liu is both long and sturdy, and it is both yin and yang, and its yin and yang.

Yin and Yang are the south and the north of the yin.

  The ancient meaning of the words Yin and Yang is the day and the sun, and there is no philosophical connotation at first.

Yin, “Said Wen Jie Zi” 曰: “Dark also, the North of the South of the water is also”, “Speaking of the Department of Biography” 曰: “Shanbei Shuinan, the day is not as good.”

Yang, “Said Wen Jie Zi” 曰: “Gao Ming also.

“” Shuo Wen Jie Zi Yi Zheng”: “Gao Ming also, against the Yinyan.

“Lao said in the Tao Te Ching: “Dao Shengyi, one life two, two students three, three things.

Everything is negative and yang, and I think it is.

  This primitive understanding of yin and yang was quickly generalized in the Zhou Dynasty.

The Zhou Dynasty people also began to explain the natural phenomenon with the concept of yin and yang. For example, Bo Yang’s father attributed the cause of the earthquake to “the sun is not able to come out, and the yin is forced to steam.

“Yin and Yang doctrine is a dichotomy of the world. Yin and yang are a kind of high abstraction and overlap of the dichotomy of heaven and earth, men and women, staying up late, burning, fast, slow, up and down, front and back, inside and outside.

  Yangyin in the cosmology of the solar wind says, what is vacuum vacuum?

It is of course a kind of space. If there is no vacuum material, will it exist?

What is the substance?

The current scientific community believes that the Big Bang is the origin of the universe, but it is difficult to tell the situation of the universe in the moment after the big bang, so that there is a virtual vacuum and a real vacuum at that time.

Astronomers have not yet put forward corresponding theories to the situation at the time.

  In the big bang theory, vacuum exists as a product of the big bang.

I don’t agree with this point of view. I think vacuum is an independent space. It is not a product of the big bang.

If in my opinion, vacuum is an independent space, what if the vacuum is removed in our universe?

Another independent space emerged when the vacuum was removed.

I call the vacuum a yin and another space as a yang.

That is to say, our universe is a moderate space formed by two spaces of yin and yang.

This is my point of view.

In the moderate space, the two spaces are divided into each other. The male space is mainly composed of various spatial particles, and the negative space is surrounded by various positive space particles, that is, negative yin and yang.

There is no temperature in pure space and pure space. Why?

Because the temperature we now call is in the material world in a moderate space, and the temperature is measured by matter.

In the moderate space, due to the mutual division of the yin and yang space, the material world in our eyes is produced. In the pure yin and pure yang space, there is no such mutual division, and there is no material existence, pure yin and pure yang.The temperature of the space cannot be measured, so there is no temperature there.

The so-called temperature only exists in the moderate space.

  My idea is that whether it is a vacuum or a substance, its essence is space. The particles of matter are produced by dividing the two spaces into one another. Each particle is actually a small space body.

  Second, the evolution of matter When the two spaces are mixed with each other, our universe begins its evolution. From the beginning of mutual mixing, the wheel of time begins its rotation, so if there is no mixture of two spaces,There is no material evolution at the beginning of time.
  Third, the type of moderate space has two kinds of moderate space: negative yin and yang, negative yang and yin.
The mutual relationship between the same kind of spatial particles, when the heterogeneous spaces are mixed with each other, will divide each other and form various spatial forms.

The interference force in various small spaces is re-acquired in the heterogeneous space (the reset force is not directly given by the heterogeneous space, and the heterogeneous space is a necessary condition for the formation of the repulsive force).

  Fourth, the yang-A, yin-A-A space is divided by the space of B. The space of A is divided into numerous small spaces. The smaller space of A may surround the space of the penetrating space. This is the mutual attraction of the same kind of space.The result of the action.

The small space around the large space together constitutes a large space field. Regardless of the large space or the small space, they are slowly divided under the action of the space B. The gravitational relationship caused by the space recombines the large and small spaces.
Energy is produced by the movement of various spaces. Energy is abstract and the space that makes up matter is real.

  If the two spaces (yin and yang) that I am talking about are considered to be two kinds of energy space according to the Western way of thinking, vacuum is also a space of energy, but there is some space for yang (energy).The difference is five, while the sex when a space particle is struck by other particles, the action of a point on the particle is in our view simultaneous.

If this particle is enough to go through a ray of light, this simultaneity will still exist.

This simultaneity is very common in reality. Something says that a bamboo pole pushes it from a scorpion to a moving movement. The movement of a point above it is different in our view.of.
If this scorpion is long enough for a light year, then this simultaneity will not exist?

If the simultaneity of that huge space particle exists, can it be explained that the transfer of momentum inside the space particle is timeless (the transmission of momentum within the same continuous space is timeless)?

  Sixth, the evolution of the universe: including the movement of space particles (or an object) from one point to another, the growth and reduction of space particles themselves.

That is to say, movement is the second element of the evolution of the universe. The first element is the mixture of yin and yang space.

Energy is an expression of movement.

  Seventh, the evolution of the simultaneous universe of various points in the universe is synchronic at various points in the universe. This synchronicity is irrelevant to the distortion of time, speed, space and time, and gravity.

Only sports related to it.

A space particle in a substance is moving in some way, and another particle is moving in another way.

Let’s talk about our earth moving around the sun. In the depths of the distant universe, another planet is moving around another planet. Let’s talk about the light we see. It transmits and records the information of the past.The photon is the photon being in motion.

It’s just that the information we receive from the Earth is in the past.

Each region of the universe produces its own time concept relative to this synchronization.

I put a synchronous axis in this transitional universe, then I can draw the following time axis: eight, I use the yin and yang theory to think of the space distortion yin and yang delivery reduction, the two are produced at the junctionSpace distortion, this kind of space distortion is divided into two kinds, one is the concave curvature produced by the space embodied in the vacuum, and the other is the convex curvature generated by the space of the space particle.

This is the physical distortion of space.

The distortion of time and space seems to me to be a motion distortion of space particles.

  Nine, the “start” and “fall” of space say that a “positive space particle” moves in the “yin space” embodied in the vacuum, assuming that there is such a point in the “yin space”, when this “yang space particle””When the sport reaches this point, it will dispose of the “yin space” at this point and occupy this point. I call this the “starting space” of “female space”; when this “yang space particle” moves from this pointThe negative space will reoccupy this point. I call this the “falling” of “female space.”

If the “internal space particle transfer of momentum is timeless” is true, then the information of the ups and downs will be quickly transmitted in this negative space and may be generated for all the positive space particles inside this negative space.Some kind of influence.

  10. Does the “illusion” of space’s “starting” and “falling” produce gravitation? When I think about these problems, I suddenly think about whether gravity is related to space. In my opinion, the cause of gravity is not likeIt is only one kind, the mutual division between different kinds of space in the cause of it is the most important, followed by the ups and downs of space, the distortion of space, the mutual fusion of the same kind of space, etc.To elicit the necessary conditions, I divide these necessary conditions into two kinds: “truth” and “illusion”. In “truth”, there are mutual divisions between different kinds of spaces, the rise and fall of space, the mutual fusion of the same space., “illusion””There is a regular movement of space particles caused by the distortion of space.11. The yin-yang theory and the similar yin-yang theory of Western science are the summary of the ancient Chinese thinking about the world with the unique way of thinking of the Chinese nation.It is the study of the universe.

The same Western science is also studying the universe, so there are some similarities between them.

Friends who have seen my thoughts should think that the universe that I derived from the theory of yin and yang is a moving universe.

The distribution of yin and yang, because space particles are generated, as long as it is a space particle, it will be split by another space to produce other moving particles, or some particles will be re-fused together due to the existence of motion.Against this natural fusion process.

Let’s take a look at the mass equation E = mc2 in Einstein’s theory of relativity. Einstein added the speed of light to his equation, from which we can trim as long as there is mass of matter that is energetic.

The speed of light is a description of the state of motion of light, that is to say energy “E” is a kind of exercise energy.

I think Einstein sees movement as an element of the universe.

For quantum theory, it has similarities with yin and yang theory. In yin and yang theory, it is difficult to measure the position of another spatial particle with a spatial particle as a reference. Because this reference is also moving, it is alsoThe evolution of the moment is in line with the uncertainty principle of quantum theory.

  The Chinese are not stupid. The Chinese are not stupid. The current educational philosophy is not suitable for the Chinese. The educational method is not in line with the Chinese cognitive model.

  We need an enlightenment textbook. Every subject of this kind of textbook is from shallow to deep, and incorporates all the essential knowledge points of this subject into a book, rather than the superficial textbooks like now.Throw it when you are finished.

  The true cognitive mode of the Chinese is to learn for a lifetime, so there must be an enlightenment textbook that will enable us to use our whole life.

  For Chinese, use the Siku Quanshu.

Moreover, this kind of enlightenment textbook is truly enlightening. It can’t guide the knowledge that every human subject has in it, and guide us to learn more.

  We need to modernize each discipline from its source, and the development of this discipline is edited in a chronological way.

For a detailed explanation and record of the knowledge points of each era in this discipline every year, the knowledge of the previous year is the basis of the knowledge of the next year. Don’t evade the knowledge that has been abandoned before, don’t think that heIt is wrong, it is probably quite right.
Let us not go through the rough knowledge of last year or ancient knowledge.
The development of each discipline is gradually produced and developed according to the time. According to the method of chronology, this discipline is fully presented in front of our Chinese people. Its development is its origin, and we humans are at such a high level.Why do animals develop from simple cell bodies step by step, why can’t we directly form an adult directly.

We have to record and explain in detail.

The same is true of the development of each discipline. We also learn from those disciplines and learn from the origin of each discipline.

The preparation of each kind of teaching material is also like this. Only the knowledge of the textbooks can be arranged according to the time sequence of the development of these two disciplines, in order to be truly shallow.

Only then can we clearly grasp the pulse of each discipline.

We must reshape the history of each discipline in the minds of Chinese people.

  We have an old saying in China, we know what it is, and we don’t think that learning is ancient.

Learning ancient knowledge lies in the warmth, the purpose is to let our modern people know new things.

We can use the oldest knowledge to learn modern knowledge. The oldest knowledge may be the most simple or the most ignorant, or the most esoteric.

Speaking about traditional Chinese medicine, it seems that many people say that Chinese medicine is not very scientific. Those who say those words may be stupid. How long has our Chinese medicine been tempered?

Millennial years!

Is it necessary for Westerners to admit that she is scientific in the practice of the millennium?

After thousands of years of Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicines that have been verified in countless Chinese people have not been more convincing than western medicine.

  Why do Westerners refuse to take Chinese medicine?

They are afraid!

In China, and even in the world, the strength of Chinese medicine will greatly reduce the Western medicine, so that their sales of Western medicine are greatly reduced!

Foreigners can not believe Chinese medicine can not accept Chinese medicine, but we Chinese must believe her!