Threats to mental health of the elderly

Threats to mental health of the elderly

The elderly have more ways to go and experience more things. However, the psychology of the elderly is just as fragile as children. They can have a good old age, live a happy and carefree life, and why they still have psychological problems.What troubles are they bringing?

Psychologists point out that the mental health of the elderly is threatened by the following factors: death threat: life and death are the inevitable process of life, and for some young people, death seems to be a very distant thing, while the elderly are different.In the late years, the distance from death is getting closer and closer, and the fear of death is getting stronger and stronger.

  Role change: From the prime to the old, it is an important turning point in life, how the physical condition is, and the social role is easier.

Everyone is a social animal, and the psychological gap caused by the change of roles can easily cause psychological problems.

  Solitary situation: Loneliness is an important reason for the psychological problems of the elderly.

The psychology of the elderly will become somewhat child-like and extraordinarily sensitive. Unless it is particularly strong, it requires special care from others.

The reality of modern society is that young children are busy with work and often do not have time to accompany the elderly.

  Children’s issues: Many elderly people have worked hard for their children for a lifetime, and they can’t let go of their retreat.

Although their children have grown up to become a family, they always treat them as children, and they worry that they will not be the ones.

  Sickness and pain: There is also physical illness that cannot be ignored.

The elderly are inevitably suffering from some complications, and most of them are chronic diseases. Long-term illness and suffering easily make the mood irritating and irritating, sensitive and suspicious, and the hope of not curing for a long time will also make some elderly people lose their hope of life.

  Introverted personality: Of course, these are just some of the risk factors that affect mental health, but it is not that people will have psychological problems when they reach old age.

Experts pointed out that the occurrence of psychological disorders has a certain relationship with personal personality factors.

  The mental health of the elderly is more seriously threatened by the above factors. Therefore, the elderly should understand the truth of life and death, treat people and things, and do not worry about their own meaning of survival, not creating value, and their opinions.If you don’t wait for a trivial matter, you should focus on your happy old age.

Sexual health care in the room

Sexual health care in the room

The technique in the room is not only the practice of collecting yin and aiki, but also the secret technique of ecstasy. It is also the medical technique of physiology and physiology.

  The technique in the room does not stop at part of sexual intercourse, but also includes a lot of sexual medical knowledge. In the case of the general lack of ancient sexual knowledge, it provides people with many valuable sexual health and sexual treatment methods.

  First, the sexual health care in the sexual health room of the room can be summarized as “Ziyin yang, beauty and accommodation”.

“Jade House Secrets” records that there are seven losses and eight benefits for men and women: seven losses, one loss of anger, two damages, three damages, four damages, five damage organs, six damages, six damage,Seven damage to the blood: eight benefits, one benefit solid essence, two benefits of gas, Sanyi Lizang, four benefits strong bones, five benefits of veins, six benefits of blood, seven Yiyi liquid, eight benefits conductor.

At the time of the main outstanding sexual intercourse, we will try our best to avoid harm and play an outstanding role in order to survive and prolong life.

Scientific research shows that couples who often have sex are usually healthier and more energetic than young couples, and are usually younger. People who have never had sex are usually more likely to get sick and aging than to have sex.People want to be big, and sex life can regulate endocrine and maintain a healthy and up-to-date life mentality.

Sexual life is also a whole-body exercise. Studies have shown that the amount of exercise in one-time life is more effective than many fitness dances.

Men’s semen can regulate women’s endocrine, and it has a good effect on the treatment of endocrine disorders, and vice versa.

Couples who have sex often will be more confident and optimistic, able to actively face the pressure of life, relieve the fatigue of work and delay aging.

  Second, the sexual medical treatment in the sexual medical room in the room includes the drugs, medicines and surgery in the room.

There are thousands of kinds of prescriptions recorded in ancient houses, mainly for the treatment of men’s sexual dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases and women’s gynecological diseases such as menstruation and blood.

The drugs for treating male sexual dysfunction are mostly aphrodisiac and have the effect of promoting sexual desire, such as “Jiuzi Pills” and “Ten Jing Pills”.

The external Dandao Taoist Book also records the method of refining the sex hormones such as “Autumn Stone”. These medicines are extracted from the essence of animals and plants and are modern chemical aphrodisiacs.

Modern aphrodisiac is only temporarily stimulating the purpose of stimulating the genitals. “Peng Zu Jing” cloud “adulty so that people do not live . or in the powdery yin, or ivory as a male stem, and use them all thieves,Early and old death.

“Strongly intertwined, strong outside and imaginary, sometimes very harmful to the body.

On the contrary, these aphrodisiac prescriptions preserved in ancient houses can not only stimulate sexual desire, but also fundamentally treat sexual dysfunction and fundamentally strengthen the body, rather than being quick.

The various sexual medicine prescriptions recorded by Sun Sizhen’s “Thousands of Gold” are the most complete, including the “women’s side” that specializes in gynecological diseases, the “small infants and babies” in the breeding class, and the sexually transmitted diseases.

“Hua Yu Shen Medicine Biography” records 15 prescriptions for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases such as Hualiu disease.

For women, the prescriptions are mostly for menstruation and blood supplement, such as “seven damage pills”, “transfer bleeding” and so on have good medical value.

There are also quite a lot of aphrodisiacs that can stimulate women’s sexual desires, such as “a decade of thinking”, “changing thoughts” and so on.

Women’s vagina is loose, and some men and women lose more fun. “Xuan Xuanzi” describes a “narrow Yinfang” that replaces loose vaginal narrowing: “Stone sulphur two points, Aoki fragrant two points, mountain vegetables yellow two points, snakeThe bed is two points.

The four miso sieves are at the end, and they are handed over to each other. There is a small amount in the inner vulva, and there should not be too much.

“The Secret of Jade House” records a “Da Yin Fang” that treats a man with a small penis: “Chopped pepper, Asarum, Cistanche, all three flavors, points, etc., under the rule of the stalk, within the dog’s gallbladder, hanging on the house on the threeOn the 10th, I used to grind and grow one inch.

From the perspective of modern medicine, these prescriptions are valuable medical materials and have the value of clinical treatment.

  In addition, there are a lot of sexual surgery in the room, in a book called “After Jue”, a story is told: a scholar named Wei Yangsheng, because his penis is too small and distressed.

A Taoist, gave him an operation, implanted the dog kidney into the penis, and made the feeling of being born again.

It seems ridiculous, and it makes sense.

Now science and technology are studying visceral transplant surgery and have achieved success.

Sun Si’s “Thousands of Gold” also recorded a kind of acupuncture technique of “turning women into men’s law”, which is to restore the mutation surgery at the beginning of this year.

Seed surgery is also an important part of the surgery. The content includes the treatment of infertility, miscarriage, solid tires, prenatal education and other eugenics. The “Qian Jin Yao Fang” records “seeking the child” 11 kinds,”There are 24 kinds of treatments for dystocia, no milk and other gynecological prescriptions. It is worthy of modern medical intervention and trial.

  The middle room technique is an ancient sacred mystery and Taoist yin and yang method. It is a useful scientific part of the technique of absorbing and excavating the room. It is the modern scientific science.

At present, the medical research in the room seems to be still a restricted area, or has not got the proper understanding, and can not be absorbed and utilized boldly.

Modern medicine has increasingly shown its deficiencies in some respects. The substitution of chemical drugs for human body damage and the abuse of antibiotics threatens the efficacy of the human immune system, and so on.

In sexual health medicines, most of them are hyper-stimulating drugs, which are harmful and unhelpful in treating sexual dysfunction and stimulating sexual desire. The temporary pleasure is an overdraft to the body, the symptoms are not cured, and the life is lost.A long-term solution.

With the complete illuminating of Western medicine, including sexual medicine, it is better to study and study our traditional medicine-Taoist room technique, take the essence, and abandon its dross for my use.

Different from Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine treats both the symptoms and the symptoms, and the benefits are many and less harmful. The medicines take more automatic plant extracts, less toxic and side effects, and are an ideal treatment method for sexual medicine.

Exercise reduces prostate cancer mortality

Exercise reduces prostate cancer mortality

Scholars in the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that moderate physical activity reduces mortality in prostate cancer patients who have not yet spread.

The results of this study will encourage medical experts to further confirm relevance in clinical trials of scale.

  The researchers selected 4,623 Swedes, who were in 1997?
He was diagnosed with localized prostate cancer in 2002.

  The researchers followed them for a 10-year follow-up and completed a detailed questionnaire on exercise levels and overall health status during which 561 men died during the study, and 194 of them died of prostate cancer.

The results of the analysis show that if men do 20 minutes or more of walking per day, cycling and other sports, then the risk of death for any reason will be reduced by 30%, the risk of dying from prostate cancer will be reduced by 39%.

And it is certain that male patients have received some type of treatment, and the results of the above studies are consistent.

  The results, published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, show that regular physical activity has many benefits and may be helpful in localized prostate cancer.

  The researchers said: This may be related to hormones, trace tissue or toxicity, and then more in-depth research to replace its trigger mechanism.

Is there any performance in Alzheimer’s?

Is there any performance in Alzheimer’s?

The main manifestations of senile dementia are: (1) memory impairment: memory loss is often the first symptom of the disease, but also a prominent symptom of the disease.

Early from the beginning of the decline of near memory, it is often described as “lost and fall four”, “forgot to finish”, especially for numbers (such as date, age, phone number), names of people, place names and infrequently used terms are very poor, evenThe phone number in my home, the passbook password can’t be remembered, and the placed things immediately forget the location.

I have forgotten about everyday small things, such as what I ate yesterday.

At home, I often forget the burning water and burn the cooking utensils. I forgot to put the salt in the cooking, or repeatedly put the salt to make the vegetables salty.

At this stage, the familiar work may be competent, but it is difficult to learn new knowledge. It is difficult to complete the work with a little movement. The subsequent long-term memory (the events in the past) also has obstacles, and you cannot recall the things you have experienced, orIndiscriminately answer questions and use fiction to incorporate the gaps in his memory.

Finally, even my loved ones don’t know.

  (2) Decreasing computing power: The early calculation speed is slow, the complicated one cannot be completed, and the calculation error is gradually appeared. Even the simple one will not be calculated, and the purchase will not be settled.

Clinically, patients are often asked to calculate 100-7 =?

Continuous calculus minus 7, such as 100-7 = 93, 93-7 =?


.Wait, to determine whether its computing power is decreasing.

  (3) Spatial Orientation Obstacle: It is manifested that the position of the item cannot be accurately judged, the object is not caught when the object is taken out, or the object is touched too far.

When placing the item, the position should be correctly judged. If the pot or the kettle cannot be correctly placed on the fire eye of the stove, the pot or the kettle will be dumped to the ground due to the deviation.

When I go home, I go in the wrong direction, I often get lost, and even find my own room in my own home. I don’t know if the bed is my own.

When you dress, you can’t distinguish between the top, bottom, left, right, and right, and even wear the trousers as a sleeve.

Do not use the most commonly used items or tools, such as the soup spoon.

You cannot draw the simplest geometry.

  (4) Language barrier: Some patients have language barriers as the first performance.

Early words don’t make sense, vocabulary is reduced, personality is suddenly interrupted due to difficulty in finding words, can’t name the item, or replace it with the vocabulary or change theme mentioned here, giving people the feeling of “speaking east and west”.
Gradually speaking, it cannot be understood, the letter written can not be understood, and the problems raised by others cannot be understood.

In the end, the patient can only make a sound that others cannot understand, and finally silence.

  (5) Decrease in understanding and judgment: The performance is that the work cannot be handled correctly, the problems in life, the major events are ignored, the trivial matters are entangled, and the ability to work is reduced.

In clinical practice, it is commonly used to explain the meaning of idioms, to distinguish the similarities and differences between two things, and to make some questions to let patients judge what should be done to measure the patient’s understanding and judgment.

If you want the patient to explain “What does it mean to cross the river?”, “What are the similarities between apples and bananas?”

  (6) Emotional and behavioral disorders: manifested as restlessness, suspiciousness, irritability, apathy, depression, worry or euphoria.

There may be delusions, delusions, hallucinations, and impulsive wounding and destruction.

Some patients changed their previous habits, became unconcerned, did not trim their edges, and even collected waste.

Some express sexual desire, entangled with wives or other women, and even misbehaves, and some often move back and forth aimlessly.

  Late dementia is easy to diagnose, but it is difficult to find early.

Therefore, when the elderly have memory loss and emotional changes, they should go to the hospital as soon as possible to avoid delay in treatment.