How to eat six healthy taboos for healthy eating

How to eat six healthy taboos for healthy eating

Fruits are rich in nutrients, and these nutrients are very suitable for human body absorption, so it is good for our body to eat fruits often, but while eating fruits, some precautions must be vigilant. rotten fruits can not be eaten: fruit storageAfter a long time, it is easy to degenerate and rot locally. Sometimes we feel that it is rotten to be eaten with a knife. In fact, after the fruit is rotted, the whole fruit cannot be eaten. Because the fruit will change after the mold, the bacteria will slowly penetrate.Spread to every corner of the fruit, the rotten fruit also contains toxic nitrite, so these harmful substances will damage our physical health.

  Can not eat fruit immediately after a meal: eating fruit after a meal will affect digestion, leading to inflation, constipation, etc., so do not eat fruit within 1 hour after eating.

  It can be eaten with simple rinsing: many fruits are sprayed to pesticides, pesticides, biocides, etc. during the growth stage, so a large amount of toxic chemical residues are attached to the surface of the fruit. It must be strictly cleaned, soaked in salt as much as possible, rinsed in water.Do not wash with detergent.

  You can’t eat fruit on an empty stomach: Some people think that they are hungry. They should eat a fruit to satisfy their hunger. In fact, some fruits can not be eaten on an empty stomach. For example, oranges increase stomach acid and stimulate the gastric mucosa. The magnesium in banana plasma rises sharply, affecting cardiovascular health.Wait, so don’t eat fruit before and after meals, it is best to eat it 1 hour after a meal.

  Do not overeat this: the fruit is delicious, but it should be eaten in moderation.

If you use a lot of oranges, you will find that the skin of the palms is yellow. In fact, no matter which kind of fruit is used excessively, the human body can’t absorb it. In the end, it will cause a burden on the stomach. If you encounter too sweet and sour fruit, it will stimulate the stomach.

  After eating fruit, it doesn’t swear: Most people don’t have the habit of gargle after eating fruits. In fact, most of the fruits are sour or sweet. If they don’t simmer, the residue will ferment in the mouth and form acid substances after fermentation.tooth.

Adolescent girls breast enhancement

Adolescent girls breast enhancement

After the girl enters puberty, the ovary and adrenal cortex begin to synthesize estrogen, a small amount of androgen and progesterone, and the body begins to undergo many changes, such as sudden height, increase, body fat, body becomes full, etc. These are normal.Physiological phenomenon.

Because men are younger than puberty, the harm caused by malnutrition is more serious.

The addition of breast exercise and nutrition becomes especially critical.

  The breast enhancement exercise program uses combination equipment to practice. For beginners, especially female beginners, combination equipment is the most effective and safe exercise method. When doing some exercises, you must pay attention to chest lift.

  Tightening on the upper chest: (upper oblique push chest combination device) When performing the upper oblique push chest exercise, the hands should be as narrow as possible, and the weight should not be too large.

For the sake of beauty, the muscles of the upper chest should not be too large, in order to improve the quality of the muscles and improve the traction of the upper chest muscles.

  Plump muscles: (parallel push chest combination device) In this exercise, the elbow, wrist and shoulder are in the same horizontal position and the weight is medium.

When you push forward, fully experience the feeling of muscle contraction, and then slowly put it back in place, the action is not too fast.

Try to keep breathing evenly while exercising.

Three to four groups at a time, each group 15-18 times.

  Increase the chest circumference: (use the lower oblique push chest combination device) This exercise intensity is slightly larger, the muscles of the lower chest can directly affect the circumference of the chest, making the top more straight.

When you push down, fully experience the feeling of muscle contraction, and then slowly put it back in place. It is not easy to be too fast when the action is restored. Try to keep breathing evenly while exercising.

Three to four groups at a time, each group 10-12 times.

  The cleavage sculpture: (two-dimensional cross-tension training) stands in the middle of the two handles, slightly bent at the arm, with the right foot in front and the left foot in the back, usually fully compressed.

The hands are drawn down to the arc, the elbows are slightly flexed, the hands are crossed underneath, the context is changed, the muscle contraction is fully experienced, and then slowly put back to maximize the tension of the chest muscles.

  After adolescents enter puberty, it is perfectly normal for the body to gain weight slightly.

It plays an important role in sexual maturity and menarche, and there is no need to consider it.

If the body is obviously fat due to gluttony, it is appropriate to reduce the amount of food, eat less sweets and snacks, and actively participate in physical exercise is the right way to lose weight.

Do not blindly eat from others, vegan, rely on vitamin intake, otherwise, it will cause harm to the body and cannot be recovered.

Menstrual detox diet recipe

Menstrual detox diet recipe

Menstrual gold slimming recipe (1) Musk Sakura shrimp material: 1/2 melon, 1/2 bowl of cherry shrimp, 1 coriander, salt, sesame oil, sesame.

  Practice: 1.

Peel the melon, wash, and shave the filament; after the shaving, add the above salt and grab it, and set aside.


Put the oil into the pot, add the cherry shrimp after the oil temperature, and then turn off the fire after the cherry shrimp color turns red.


Will be done 1.

Drain and place in the pan; then practice 2.

Sakura shrimps are served, and finally served with cilantro, sesame oil and sesame seeds.

  Efficacy: Lishui swelling, anti-cancer slimming.

Guareng’s water is swollen, the body’s water and liquid metabolism is poor, and the body is swollen.

Those with spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat more.

  (2) Red bean purple rice porridge materials: peanuts, purple rice, red beans, yam.

  Practice: 1, peanuts, purple rice, red beans soaked for half a day; peel the yam, cut into pieces.

  2, then boil a pot of water to put all the ingredients in, stir, and then slowly cook over low heat.

  3, when the beans and yam are cooked, it is almost the same.

It takes about 40 minutes during the period.

In the menstrual period, you can add some brown sugar, which is conducive to blood!

  Efficacy: spleen and kidney, diuresis and swelling.

Purple rice kidney, yam spleen, red beans strong heart and water, very suitable for menstruation, slimming and healthy body.

  Menstrual gold slimming drink rose tea material: lotus leaf, Polygonum multiflorum.

5 money, jaundice, roses, mulberry leaves each money, fried cassia, 茯苓, 枸杞 each 3 money, Ophio 5 money.

  Practice: The above materials can be brewed with boiling water.

  Efficacy: Many of these materials are traditional Chinese medicine materials, which have the effect of soothing liver and regulating qi, reducing fat and slimming.

Very suitable for people with poor metabolism, more prone to edema, constipation or stressful people.

However, it should be noted that if you are usually soft, people with lower blood pressure should not join Cassia!

  Angelica ginger red jujube tea materials: ginger, angelica, red dates, medlar, brown sugar.

  Practice: 1.

Angelica, red dates washed with water, soaked for fifteen minutes, and then poured into the pot with water, ginger can be peeled off can not go, sliced into the pot.


After the fire is boiled, cook over medium heat for about 20 minutes and add brown sugar to suit your sweetness.


After the sugar is melted, add the wolfberry and cook for a few minutes to get the pan out (two cups).

  Efficacy: Angelica has the effect of supplementing blood, used for blood deficiency caused by dizziness, vertigo, palpitation, fatigue, less blood, less pulse, and the best use of angelica.

If there is blood and blood reversal, after taking it, you can reduce the rebellion and make the blood and blood return, so the name of the angelica can only come.

It has the effect of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, regulating menstruation and relieving pain, and relaxing bowel movements.

For blood deficiency and chlorosis, dizziness, palpitations, irregular menstruation, menstrual cramps, cold and abdominal pain, intestinal dry constipation, rheumatism and pain, fall and fall damage, hemorrhoids sores.

Wine Angelica blood circulation.For menstruation, dysmenorrhea, rheumatism, pain, and fall damage.

It also has a good effect of moisturizing the intestines, improving the beauty and beauty, so it is a good weight loss product.

  During the menstrual period, the main choices for diet, non-staple food and non-staple foods are low-transformation, balanced and balanced vegetables, and the task of slimming is completed while gaining fullness.

I don’t know what to eat, it’s always right to choose and eat.

  Fresh spring rolls OK ← Choose vegetables and shrimps, soy sauce should be put less.

  Beef patties can at least be OK ← guard against highly denatured sauces, try to choose a Japanese light taste.

  Omelette OK ← only eat 1 no problem, to put less oil, it is best not to put tomato sauce.

  Fried dumplings NG←NG.

If you want to eat dumplings, just boil.

  Grilled fish at least OK ← a whole piece, some extra, preferably in pieces.

  The cabbage package is at least OK ← it is not a creamy sauce.

Eat more cabbage.

  The incorporation of one of the three major nutrients of staple foods is placed for breakfast.

If you want to lose weight in a week, eat less at each meal and eat more vegetables, it is the key to success.

  Spaghetti can at least be a high-content food, mainly a small amount.

  White rice OK ← can only eat 2 small bowls at most every day, but also chew slowly.

  Udon noodles are at least normal ← transition is higher than buckwheat, adding fried food is even more dangerous.

  Black rice is OK *** transition is basically the same as rice, but trace amounts of vitamins and minerals.

  Soba noodles OK ← vitamin and mineral content are more than white rice.

  Bread OK ← Try to cut thinner when eating bread, do not apply butter and jam.

  More than 6 large foods during menstruation have heard that women who have used menstrual weight loss can lose weight quickly.

But I don’t know how to lose weight to be effective.

Menstrual weight loss can start from the diet, a reasonable and standardized diet, the seven foods described below must not be touched during the menstrual weight loss, otherwise your weight loss plan will be abandoned.

  Away from chocolate, some girls eat chocolate during menstruation to relieve physical pain.

However, if the chocolate is used without any scruples during the menstrual period, the sugar of the chocolate will be fully absorbed.

The sugar content of chocolate is very high, and the excess sugar will cause the consumption of trace minerals inside the body, which will make you weaker during the physiological period.

  Keeping away from peppers and using peppers to lose weight may be effective, but the spicy food must be kept away during menstruation.

Spicy foods can easily cause irregular menstruation or menstrual flow.

Serious words will affect the metabolism of the physiological period, and even let the body hoard a large number of aunts.

This will not only lose weight, but will also let you gain weight.

  Keep away from persimmon persimmons and do not eat them in large quantities during menstruation.

Persimmons also contain high levels of sugar, which is prone to irregular menstruation if consumed during menstruation.

  Away from the strong tea leaves containing caffeine, caffeine will make the body excited and become a metabolic function of the body quickly.

If you drink strong tea during menstruation, it will cause severe menstrual period and increase the amount of menstruation, which will affect your health.

  Keep away from bitter melon and bitter gourd, it is also not suitable for consumption during menstruation.

During the menstrual period, you must stop the cold and cold food, otherwise it will be transferred quickly through the menstrual blood, resulting in the smooth discharge of menstrual blood.

This causes the body to cause a bad burden, affecting health and not achieving the goal of losing weight.

  Keep away from crab crabs and crabs.

Crabs are also cold food.

Eating crab during menstruation can cause menstrual disorders or stop menstrual blood, and digestive function is reduced.Excess waste in the body will accumulate in the body and form a baby.

What should you pay attention to when you wear dentures?

What should you pay attention to when you wear dentures?

What should older people pay attention to when wearing dentures?

Older friends who are just starting to wear dentures will definitely not adapt.

Older friends should practice more and find rules.

Here’s a detailed look at some of the things that older friends should pay attention to when wearing dentures.

  First, when wearing dentures at first, there is often a foreign body sensation in the mouth, increased saliva, and even nausea, vomiting, proper ambiguity, and inconvenient chewing. This is a normal phenomenon. As long as it is worn, the above symptoms gradually disappear.

  Second, picking up the dentures should start with patience and find the law. Do not rush to pick it up.

It is best to remove the base of the base by pulling the denture, instead of pulling the snap ring with a strong force to avoid deformation of the snap ring.

When wearing a denture, apply the hand in place and then bite it. Never use the tooth to bite in place to avoid damaging the denture.

  Third, the first time wearing dentures should not eat hard food, you should first practice soft food, and then gradually chew hard and crisp food.

  Fourth, after wearing dentures, there may be mucosal tenderness, and even mucosal ulcers should be reviewed. If you can’t get back in time, you can temporarily not wear them and remove the dentures in cold water.

However, dentures must be worn a few hours before the return visit, and the brakes can accurately identify the tender points for modification.

  5. After the meal, remove the dentures and clean them before putting them on, so as not to deposit the food residue on the dentures.

Remove the dentures before going to bed, brush them with toothpaste or soapy water, and put them in cold water, but do not soak them with boiling water or disinfectant.

  Sixth, if the denture is worn, if it is redundant, it should be reviewed and revised in time. Do not wear it by yourself. It should not be worn for a long time. Otherwise, the denture can no longer be used due to changes in the tissue in the mouth.

  7. After removing the denture, brush the remaining food residue with the denture of the real tooth in the mouth to avoid smashing.

  Eight, after wearing dentures, go to the hospital for a check-up every six months to one year, and the brakes will be found in time to ensure the health of the organization.

Some excitement, after all, will dissipate people who are not recognized by the heart, so don’t have to say too much

Some excitement, after all, will dissipate people who are not recognized by the heart, so don’t have to say too much

First, people who know how to laugh at themselves are extremely intelligent people.

He protects himself by demeaning himself.

In fact, no one really wants to admit that he is not as good as others, so he has a kind of belly black, is to use all kinds of extreme praise to build an enemy for one person.

The success of being a man is not how you praise others when you are there.

Even if you leave, can someone still think of you.

Second, the wise and the fool are harmless. The most dangerous thing is wisdom and ignorance.

Third, silence is a language for you. It tells the thousands in your heart.

Feeling, the heart is chatting, it is communicating a little bit about you and me.

Submerged in the worldly waves, I was in front of a beautiful encounter.

With an unfulfilled mission, I am imagining your charming smile.

Fourth, the language is so weak when expressing love, but it is so sharp when expressing hurt.

Five, there is always a jealousy between people; between the heart and the heart, there will always be love.

Sixth, I hope that we will not take all others’ good for us as a matter of course, because contentment will be closer to happiness.

Seven, it is not ruthless, nor is it a blessing. It is just that we will encounter many people in our lifetime. How many of them can really stop and stop?

Life is a ridiculous ferry, and even myself is a passenger.

Eight, suffering people to grow up is an opportunity for you to progress, a challenge.

Don’t be afraid of painful things, it has another positive effect.

Nine, there is no calm day in life, only a calm mind.

Ten, right or wrong, sometimes just an angle issue.

Eleven, the highest realm of happiness, but with an old man, guarding the old things of a house, and counting a few years old.

Twelve, I will miss my childhood, I don’t know what it is, I don’t have to blame it, I won’t break my heart, I don’t know how to be human.

Thirteen, I hope that you will learn to play on the spot as soon as possible. May you get used to things that are wrong. After all, not everyone is as easy to be true as you are.

Fourteen, the joy of the past, whispering in the depths of my heart.

How sad, buried the face of joy.

Fifteen, some people have never returned since they left, so waiting and hesitation are the most ruthless killers in the world.

Sixteen, the opposite of love is not hate, it is tired.

The opposite of life is not death, but the life of others.

Seventeen, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a sense of security for you, you must learn to give yourself strength.

Reading, listening to songs, running, anything you like.

Seriously enrich yourself, settle down on positive and negative emotions, and it is not indifferent to meet with you. It is to ensure that you can support yourself in any situation.

Eighteen, how much disappointment you have to accumulate, will not be remembered; how many times will you turn thick into love, will not turn back frequently?

Nineteen, we sent photos to the state, not to tell who, what I ate, what I did, who I was with, and not who I want to see.

Even one day, I am really old. When I have a stool and have nothing to do with the sun, I can take a look at my own running diary and recall the little bit of that year with my friends.The face of youth. proves that the world I have been here, and that it is real and wonderful.

Twenty, put your tears away, cry to go home and cry.

.I have come to this day, I have not shed tears in front of the public, tears are not good, we need to be sincere, whether it is a musician or an artist.
Twenty-one, the handkerchief tried not to hurt the soul, the eyelashes could not hold the tears in the corners of the eyes.
Twenty-two, accompanied by excitement and attention, step by step, it is better to be a natural person in a crowd, not unassuming, not illusory, always insist on retreating.

Have a heart and concentrate on doing one thing.

Twenty-three, love is like a flashback. After reading the ending, I went to Linyi.

Watching you fill the loneliness of the youthful volume, every time you read it, you don’t want to live.

You haven’t left anything, but I have some squandering thoughts.

Twenty-four, believe in yourself, you can break into a butterfly.

Twenty-five, the more you grow up, the more you know, the coming will come, the time goes by faster and faster, every year is shorter than the previous year.

I used to listen to the trivial things that the elders discussed in the sky, thinking that I could never meet the job of falling in love and marrying a child. Suddenly one day I found that I had been wrapped up and wrapped forward, overwhelming, and then found out, oh, thisIt’s the day, no one can escape.

Twenty-six, I have done a lot of stupid things these years.

The most stupid thing is to generate a lot of arrogance from your incompetence and desire, and hurt the closest people around you.

Twenty-seven, whether or not you have tried to retain, those who are destined to stay can not stay, do not go destined to accompany you for a lifetime.

Twenty-eight, outside the window, cold and cut, on the long pavilion night.

The shower is resting at the beginning, and the heart is getting colder.

Looking at the accumulation of yellow flowers.

Derogatory, who is picking up now?

Keeping the window, how can you get black alone.

A stun is a tingling tingling.

Suddenly for a moment, I was afraid of death.

Because my life is in the flower season, how can I fall down?

Twenty-nine, what is the real powerhouse?

It is to end the pressure and sorrow that you have suffered here and will not pass it on.

Thirty, tell yourself the truth of living, no matter how others see it, even the whole world denies itself.

And I believe in myself.

Tell yourself that you have to be happy, you don’t have to think about whether someone cares about me, and you can be wonderful.

When you say sadness to yourself, you can cry very embarrassed, but after the tears drain, you have to look up and smile very beautifully.

Thirty-one, in fact, no one wants to lose their temper, but the temper is just to see how much space the other party will give back.

We all have such a habit of arguing when we are in conflict, and we like to ignore it.

Those who know you will put down the shelf for you, people who don’t understand you, and maintain a stalemate. Only you are disappointed.

Thirty-two, so I closed my language, closed my heart, deep sorrow is something that even tears can’t take.

Thirty-three, one person, I am not afraid, I am afraid that when I am used to one person, someone will disrupt everything about me.

Thirty-four, accustomed to accept, forget the gratitude.

Thirty-five, if it is destined to be a passenger, why bother to disturb a light.

Thirty-six, people are perfect again, the spirit also needs to know, and the heart is strong again.

Emotions also need comfort; if anyone can accompany them.

It is a great satisfaction; if there is a heart, it is the best heart.

Thirty-seven, don’t talk too much.

Some excitement will eventually dissipate.

If you are not a person who is recognized by your heart, you don’t have to say too much.

Thirty-eight, four seasons of wind and rain, cold and warm turns, Jiangnan smoke, rain and mist.
The jade bracelet carved in time is beautiful and beautiful. If it slips between the fingers, it will be scattered and scattered.
Thirty-nine, you have to believe that the world is so big. If someone dismisses your love, then someone will surely carefully collect your love.