These five bad habits will make you stomach cancer

Must quit!
These five bad habits will make you stomach cancer

The stomach is important to everyone, but some male friends, especially males in the workplace, the more modern the better, the more worthy of nutrition, but the stomach is getting weaker.

Have a big meal, eat and drink, stay up late to work overtime or watch a dish, sit on the full meal. Behind these behaviors is a stomach notice, how to protect the stomach health, male friends need to be careful, you must quit five stomach abuse habits.

  1, eating too fast to gorge is a typical image of a man eating, but will ruin the image of the stomach.

If a food is chewed 20 times, the degree of pulverization of the food is 10 points, and chewing 10 times may be 5 points. When the food is absorbed, it is not a standard. The remaining 5 points require extra stomach.

Therefore, eating too fast will increase the burden on the stomach, causing weakness in the stomach muscles, decreased gastric motility, and even too rough food will directly wear the gastric mucosa.

  2, sleep and eat anything before going to sleep will hurt the stomach, including drinking milk, juice and so on.

Because the protein, traces and sugar in milk cause gastric acid secretion, they are quickly excreted by the stomach. Only the stomach acid is left in the empty stomach. It is natural to use the stomach acid that is useless to corrode the gastric mucosa.

In the long run, it may cause damage to the stomach.

  3, eating time chaos men are more likely to become workaholics, it is easier to “sleep and forget food”, and relief, a full meal of eating habits have a very negative impact on the regular digestive system.

The stomach is an organ that is strictly on schedule, and it will secrete stomach acid by time.

If there is no food for gastric digestion at this time, then the digestive juice has to start digesting the gastric mucosa itself.

  4, the abuse of painkillers men seem to be more afraid of the hospital, if the pain is not too serious, they will find their own medicine.

The mechanism of action of most analgesics is to relieve pain by inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandins.

This kind of substance concentration “pain” signal amplification, let us feel the pain is abnormal, inhibit it, it is to attenuate or eliminate the pain.

But at the same time, it also gave up another role of prostaglandins – protecting the gastric mucosa. When the painkillers reduce prostaglandins, the acidic digestive juice in the stomach may be destroying the stomach wall, causing ulcers and perforation.

  5, excessive smoking of tobacco in addition to harm to the lungs, damage to the stomach is not small.

Nicotine damages the gastric mucosa from multiple directions: shrinking blood vessels, reducing the blood supply to the gastric mucosa, causing damage; the stomach’s imports become attenuated under nicotine’s offensive, corrosive bile refluxing into the stomach; inhibition of synthesisProstaglandins that have a repairing effect on the gastric mucosa; promote gastric acid secretion, directly corrode the gastric mucosa on the basis of the destruction of the gastric mucosal barrier.

Therefore, people who smoke too much are prone to gastritis.

  Office workers should do enough to raise their stomachs in autumn and winter.

How do you raise your stomach every day?

What is good for stomach?

  Eat more pumpkin, cabbage, sweet potato, etc. can raise stomach pumpkin: the rich pectin contained in pumpkin can absorb bacteria and toxic substances, and penetrate the role of detoxification.

At the same time, pectin protects the stomach from the expected irritation and reduces gastric ulcers.

You can use pumpkin to cook porridge or soup to nourish the spleen and stomach.

  Cabbage: Cabbage is one of the best vegetables recommended by the World Health Organization and is also known as the natural “stomach dish”.

It contains vitamin K1 and vitamin U, in addition to resisting gastric ulcers, protecting and repairing gastric mucosa, and keeping the cells in the stomach active and reducing.

  Sweet potato: sweet potato is flat, sweet, spleen and qi.

“The Compendium of the Compendium”: “Complementary, warm stomach, fat five dirty.

“Tianhan food, stomach and stomach, food to go to the accumulation, and can also clear the intestines to lose weight.

  Iron stick yam: iron stick yam due to 18 kinds of amino acids and more than 10 kinds of trace elements and other minerals, so there are spleen and stomach, Bufei kidney, Buzhong Yiqi, spleen tonic, Gushen Yijing, YixinAnd so on.

  Daily 5 stomach-raising parties: 1, warmth – chronic chronic inflammation, pay special attention to the warmth of the stomach, add clothes at the right time, sleep at night to cover the bedding.

  2, nursed back to stomach patients with autumn diet should be warm, soft, light, vegetarian, fresh is appropriate, to achieve regular quantitative, eat less meals, so that the stomach often has food and stomach acid for neutralization.

  3, avoid mouth – stomach patients should pay attention to avoid mouth, do not eat too cold, too hot, too hard, too spicy, too sticky food, more avoid overeating, quit smoking and alcohol.

  4, meditation-stomach disease, duodenal ulcer embolism occurrence and development, and people’s emotions, mentality is closely related.

Keep your spirits happy and emotionally stable.

Avoid stress, anxiety, anger and other negative emotions.  5, exercise – gastrointestinal patients should combine their own physical signs, strengthen moderate exercise, improve the body’s disease resistance, reduce the recurrence of disease, and promote human health.